Thursday, January 29, 2015

Short Ombre

OMG, it's almost time to go pick up my daughter!!

I was at hair salon from 10am... and now almost 2!!

My new hair stylist is awesome <3 I am definitely going back to her if my husband lets me. lol

Here is before and after!!

Do you like it??? <3


  1. Replies
    1. thank you!! I've always wanted to get ombre!!

  2. Wow, I love love your hair, so pretty. Your hair color is very nice, too. I love chestnut brown. Wish we have good hair stylist in town who knows how to handle Asian hair. Unfortunately, there's no one, since Asians are very very minority here. I had digital hair perm when vising Houston during Christmas. Usually, I got my digital perm from a trusted stylist in Seattle when I go back visiting my parents in summer. My hair was getting too long during holiday, so decided to get digital perm in Asian salon. My perm ended up terrible. I have to tie up my hair everyday now, since it's very unmanageable. $240 including hair cut, completely wasted. :(

    1. aw that sucks!! I know what you mean.. I normally get my haircut when I visit Japan. Or, just trim at supercuts when my husband goes there. lol I wasn't sure if this new salon can handle it, but she did! I asked for extra layers even after she was done. I have LOTS of THICK hair! Normal layers won't do!!