Sunday, January 25, 2015


It was such a beautiful Sunday!!

I broke the camera the other day.. and got a new camera!!! BETTER one!

Three Beacons Belt sim here and here

This Swarovski bracelet was one of Christmas present from my husband! Well, he didn't order it. I I bought black one and this gold one! perfect for summer!!

This necklace used to be my grandma's. I love it so much xoxo


  1. Nice picture! Seems like you are enjoying your new camera. I haven't worn my Reed Shirtdress this year. It's still too cold out to wear, even though we live in the very southern tip of Alabama. The necklace from your grandma is very precious. I wish I have a piece of my grandma's jewelries. They were claimed by my aunts and cousins. :(

    1. hehe it was a nice warm day!
      my mom kept some of my grandma s jewelry when they sold her house. i was in US, but my mom remembered i like vintage jewelry, so yeah, i was lucky!