Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Ugh.. it rained yesterday. Right when I was taking photos in my backyard.. I had to stop before I ruin my new camera!! My husband will be mad if I break another one! LOL

I wanted to try my Kimono Cardi since I read Tips for Styling Kimonos. I had this Kimono for a loooong time but I hardly wear it. I thought it was only for roomwear.. and it's silk.. I get pretty messy at home with my daughter, so I only worn it couple times.

Thanks to Liz, she encourage me to wear it out!! And I did!! Well, it was rainy after that, so I was wearing rain jacket over it to pick my daughter from school and that was it, though...  But I wanna style it better next time!! Maybe to the beach!

Lace Slub Tunic sim here
Black Bootie sim here and here


  1. The kimono print is very cute. Nice styling it with legging and booties!

    1. Thank you, but I am not happy with this outfit! I am gonna try something else next time!

  2. I'm glad you took a stab at styling this kimono! I think it's a smart, safe starting point for styling it. Now that you've worn it out of the house, you can put more thought into styling it in a more special way next time around. I think an outfit for the beach is a great idea! I'm bringing a kimono along as a coverup for our trip to Mexico. It's breezy but will help shield me from the sun.

    <3 Liz