Friday, January 23, 2015

Organize freak..

In this drawer, I have tops and tanks that don't wrinkle much.

This could be seasonal, but I have scarves and few hats in here.

I was actually surprised how many pairs of pants I actually own. I am a dress person, I don't wear pants that often.

Summer dresses, hats, bags, and sandals are on the other side. 
And out of closet, I have two garment racks, and this one has mainly tops and maxi dresses.

And this is the other one, dresses and maxi skirts. Sweaters and coats that I wore once and will need to be washed or dry cleaned before going back into the closet. Oh and belts.

Mainly coats and fall/winter skirts in this side of closet. And fall/winter bags.

I moved this basket in the other spot now, but these are tights!

And boxes of heels in the bottom. I like keeping boxes. :)

These boots and flats didn't fit in the closet...  They are currently right next to the drawer...

I feel like I should get rid of some clothes and shoes... There are some unworn items hiding in my closet, but... I just love them, and am afraid what if one day, I feel like wearing it and I don't have it.. 

I do feel I am done shopping at Anthropologie, though. Most of the items in my closet are from Anthropologie... and when I see their new arrival, I don't find anything "new" in them. 



I just need a bigger house closet!!! (yes, I a currently renting!)

What's your closet look like??  Do you like organizing?? You can hire me if you don't! LOL


  1. You are so well organized. Everything neatly folded. I only fold mine once awhile, and they tend to get messed up after I try to search for something specific. Lol. Now, I just have same things put together, but not nicely folded or anything. For example, jeans go with jeans, sweaters are with sweaters, etc.. Over Christmas holiday, I decided to sell some of my beloved Anthro items on Ebay. There were many shoes that weren't worn before and clothes. I sold about 50 items. Was super bummed that even brand new pair of heels were sold for 10 or 20 bucks. (My brand new Tegu Platforms which I bought at original price was only sold for 20 something. Sniff sniff.) It was terrible. Will not do it again. Very disappointing.

    1. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally!? You should sell them on EA trade market or facebook page! I may have found something I wanted!! BOOO!!

  2. I don't know exactly how EA trade market work or on facebook page. Maybe I should look into it. Have you seen Morning Petal Cardigan in store? I fell in love as soon as I saw it on EA's post today. Anthro is offering free shipping. My itchy fingers...

    1. ohh thats beautiful! i havent seen it in store yet. i will try it on when i see it! i know.. i want to use free shipping but i dont want to spend $150 right now.. Message me in fb and i can answer all the question about EA fb! people are very sweet there! do you use phone? or pc?

  3. I do use phone. I also have Line, and other phone apps.

    1. oh I don't know how to upload photos from phone on EA. but once you learn it, it's awesome place to sell/buy!