Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tidal Maxi Dress

It was hot today! Well, only for couple hours, but I loved it!!

Remember the Tidal Maxi Dress from last year? I love maxi dresses/skirts and this is one of my favorite!! I have small boobs, so I have to cover my chest.. otherwise.. you can easily see bras.. lol

By the way... anyone noticed my arm?? I have some muscles now. heee hee
I am working on my arm, tummy and butt muscles.. 

For my arms, I use a weighted jump rope, (I am quite a good jumper!) and I also punch in the air. For my tummy, I do sit ups, and for my butt... I am not sure if it's working, but I go up and down a step. 

Any good suggestions??


  1. Nice picture. You have very nice deck. There are lots of workout methods online that you can look up. This is one of them for butt workout.
    I usually just do sit ups and jogging around tracks every morning after dropping my son off before going to lab to help out. Glad that you are seeing effect of your workouts! I am more laid back these days ever since holidays.

    1. wow, thank you!! I will try those! everytime I touch my daughter's butt (well, this sounds weird but her butt is so cute!) I wish I had her cute round butt! LOL My butt is old.. sigh...

  2. Look up glute bridges and hip thrusts. Best exercises for a perky butt!

    1. awesome! She does have a nice butt!! I'll start with the bridges!! Thank you!!