Thursday, February 26, 2015

Am I a shopaholic?


Here is my plan.

My favorite store will have a sale next Monday.

I will buy a striped skirt that I have been eyeing on. (If they go on sale)

And possibly, this cocoon cardigan will go on sale, too, I'd like to buy cream and cocoa. 

Then I will be happy.

In mid March, (earlier is better), they will have members only promotion.

I will purchase this maxi dress I tried on recently.

Also I can not forget to buy the check dress I returned recently.

I really don't want to leave this striped maxi out either..

If my budget can stretch, I'd buy this beautiful crochet cardigan they recently put online.

I love this dress with floral print, but I can wait for sale for that. I guess that means I don't HAVE TO have it. 

I am not going to put link to it this time... because..

I don't want it to sell out..

And it's my secret.

But if you really want to know what they are..... read back my posts and you'll see...

If you are following this blog, you can tell what I am after.. LOL

What? Do you want to help me?

You can shop my closet!!!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Anthro Review Verda Maxi Dress, Abstract Floral Tank Dress


I went to Anthro today after dropping my daughter at school. I actually went to get this ring from Swarovski, and to return this dress at Anthropologie.

While I was at the mall... someone scratched my car!!!


Someone... well, her name is Ashley.. she left a note with her phone number.

It's very unfortunate but I am fine... no me, a car is just something to transport me to places, and saves me from getting hurt. (It can hurt people too... really scary.. oh God. hope I won't! ever!)

So, I just let it go..

If you are Ashley, don't worry about it.

So, at Anthro... I didn't really find anything that WOWed me today. I only wanted to try on two dresses after walking through.
And if there was something like Leonor Shirtdress, I was gonna bring it home!

 Abstract Floral Tank Dress I am wearing size 2, felt TTS, since I don't have boobs, I could size down to 0. Length, it hits little under knee. So if you are petite, you should order petite on this for sure. I am 5'7". Fabric is soft, and light weight breezy. Beautiful dress. But it is Dry Clean Only. I checked the tag. So.. no, for me...

Verda Maxi Dress wearing size XS. I am normally S, though XS fit perfect, I thought. but from looking at the model shot, size S might be right? The model shot has more fabric on shoulder.. I need to try S next time. Length was PERECT for 5'7" on XS, so S might be too long? I almost brought this home.. but for $168, I am not so sure. I have similar pattern maxis already, and not sure how well it holds after washes on this jersey knit.
I really hope they will have some extra % off full price promo!

The patterns on the dresses,  looked almost the same in every dresses, except seems.
These photos are two different dresses in the same size.

Hope it helps!!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Rain Rain Go Away..

GAH! It was raining cats and dogs last night!!

I just put my winter clothes away and took my sandals and summer dresses out for the hot weather.

AND it's coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooold! BRRRRR!!

It was still raining this morning but I guess it's over now. I see SUNSHINE! YIPPIE!!!

My daughter was sick whole week and we didn't get to go anywhere for her spring(?) break. That was sad. And now she is at school, and I miss her. :(

Should I go to Anthropologie? They are offering extra 25% off sale right now.

Oh, I added more items in my blog sale. Please check!!

I am trying not to go to the store.. I want to buy couple items but they have to be on sale for me to purchase!!! And they didn't have new markdowns today!! WAHHHH!!!

I bet there will be lots next Monday. (I hope)

till then.. I have to stay away!!!!!!!!!

These are the items from my wishlist that on sale including popbacks this morning!

Gwyneira Knit Chemise $88 $49.95
Sweaterstiched Tunic Dress $148 $89.95
Terry Floral Fit & Flare Dress $128 $79.95
Laena Knit Moto Jacket $128 $69.95
Cowled Swing Dress $148 $89.95
Isi Jersey Maxi Dress $148 $79.95
Winter Rose Robe $168 $89.95
Sugared Lace Peignoir $148 $79.95
Ellie Dress $138 $79.95
Cirque Stitched Bomber $128 $39.95
Striped Chevron Sweatercoat $198 $129.95
Greyscale Cocoon Cardigan $118 $59.95
Skirted Pullover $98 $49.95
Waffle Stitch Pullover $88 $29.95

enter code EXTRAEXTRA to get 25% OFF!

Did you watch the Oscars last night?

I didn't know it was last night until one of my nieces' friend mentioned it on facebook. haha

She said.. "To anyone who is not watching the oscars...
What are you even doing with your life? You are missing out. You fools."

It's such an eye candy!! Those gorgeous dresses!! and jewelry!! diamonds!! heels!!

Well, I am getting my Free People's First Kiss Dress today! I am excited <3

While I was watching POPSUGAR Live At The Oscars last night, I thought.. "it'd be nice if someone's wearing Free People dress..  I could never afford or even touch a 3 million dollar dress..

Azealia Dress                                           Extratropical Dress

       Elizabeth Dress                                Mara Hoffman Beaded Maxi

Twilight Dreams Dress                                Belle of the Ball Maxi

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ready for a Pool Party?

Well, I was invited to a pool bbq party this weekend. wow.. I wasn't ready for that. lol

I've always liked tankini tops but this year, I am trying bikini!!! I am still wearing shorts for the bottom, though..

Here is what I purchased at Target.

The reason I didn't like bikinis... well, I just don't have enough boobs to fit in there... lol 
But these, fit pretty well and feel secure...

My daughter got a cute bikini set too. 

The skirt was a joke, though lol but still, only $20..

Where do you buy your swim wears from??? 

It was fun trying things on with my daughter at target that day..  but seems like we are not going to the party after all.. My little princess has a cold.. -_-

Anthropologie is offering extra 25% off sale right now!! Use code EXTRAEXTRA
I didn't buy anything... all I want from Anthro now are new stuff! 

On the other hand... I did order a dress from Free People.
I've been eyeing on this beautiful dress for a while now. I hope this is what I see!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Banana Republic 40%off your purchase! Final Day!

So, I have had this gift card of Banana Republic over a year now..  It was time to use it..

I've been checking out the stores now and then but never really found anything attracting to me.
Especially right now, in San Diego, most of the things in there look too hot!!!

So, I started to look at jewelry instead. and found a cute necklace <3

It was $49.50 in store, but with extra 40% off, it was like $30. I had about $35 in my gift card, so it was perfect. 

I wanted to get a photo of necklace, and went online that night.

And found it is marked down to $30@@!@!

So I could actually buy it with matching earrings!!! The store didn't have the earrings, but they are on sale on their website, too!


So, I decided to return the necklace at store right by my house then buy them online. 

But they did price match at store, and the local store had the earrings!!


I paid some extra bucks, but I bought both necklace and earrings with my gift card.

YAY :)

They are still offering extra 40% off! Hurry!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine 2015

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day!!
My daughter read a beautiful poem in front of whole school, and sang Valentine song with her class on Friday. This was the best Valentine gift I've ever had!

On Saturday,  we went to... REI. lol again.. lol, then Fry's electoronics. Those are the stores my husband likes to go. 

But after that, he took me to Nordstrom Rack!!!
They were having clearance sale and I found two pairs of jeans!!!

These are what I got. Each $60 bucks!! I was lucky they had my size!

AG The Stilt Cigarette Leg sim here and here 

J Brand Maria sim here and here

Night in Del Mar was beautiful. We just went for a walk to downtown. Lots of loving couples!!

How was your Valentine's Day?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Walking into Anthro.... Pieced Stripe Dress XS and Petite XS

 Good afternoon!! It is another hot day in San Diego!!
I went in to Anthro again! and found more goodies!!

OMG! What is this!? It's a new cardigan I have never seen! It is beautiful. Do you see it online??
It is $198. I tried it on and it was TTS. I put it on hold.. Found it! It is Crocheted Lana Sweater by Angel of the North!!!!!!!!!

It's been hot here and I can not wear sweaters or cardigans that I purchased.. I might just return them and buy this instead!!!

And this... felt like silk. It said Dry Clean only. Darn it.. well, of course, but it's so pretty! Palolem Kimono $138.00

Finally, the  Pieced Stripe Dress $138 XS, the right is petite, left is regular. (please don't mind the petite hanger)

I am wearing XS here, (not petite!) my usual size S review here.  I can wear XS, but I like S better. XS is tight fit everywhere especially arms. It's really stretchy though... The side is about ankle length on me, 5'7".

 And this mysterious gorgeous cardigan. Crocheted Lana Sweater by Angel of the North It's like summer version of  Deni Cocoon Cardigan that I returned. I am wearing my normal size S. It's not as cute in the photo because the angle is wrong, but trust me.. this is beautiful! AND washable!! Yippie!!!

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Leonor Shirtdress by Holding Horses OOTD

WOW! It's hot! I mean, nicely hot!! Love this weather!

My daughter's school was having "Winter Sing" today. I went to see my little girl sing with her first grade classmates, in white t shirt and jeans. So darn cute!!

There will be another one at 2 o'clock, and I am going to see it again!

So... it was a little bit special day, and I wore my new Leonor Shirtdress by Holding Horses that I bought yesterday.

I will show you how beautiful the dress is!!!

Length is perfect, fit is perfect, the fabric is perfect, the color is perfect.

I don't even remember how many people gave me compliments today! And boots. heh

Anthropologie Hat (So old, I don't even know the name..)

I wanted to post one photo, but every angle of the dress looks so beautiful that I had to share!!!

And I am wearing earrings that I made long time ago. I didn't crochet it, though.. so I am not sure if I can say I "made" it. lol I just connected them with hooks and VoilĂ !

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Review Adanne Tunic, Glinted Tee, Ocean Dipped Tunic Dress, Pieced Stripe Dress, Tindaya Maxi Dress, Diamond-Dot Chambray Shirtdress,Mixed Plaid Tunic, Homestead Shirtdress,Leonor Shirtdress 2.11.2015

I forgot to do this last week! Here are two days of Anthro reviews!

Adanne Tunic $98 TTS, I am wearing size S. I could probably go down a size. The store didn't have black x white combo, but I think it's the cutest. It's so soft, and flowy. Wishlisted.

Glinted Tee $68 I am wearing size M. It is probably TTS, but I liked the bigger/longer on me, so I tried size M and I was right. I saw this on hunger and it was super cute. Some people might have problem with fabric. It's not a comfy soft fabric, I don't know how to say but since it's metalic, you can kind of imagine.. It's totally see through.. That's the sad part..

 Diamond-Dot Chambray Shirtdress $148 TTS, I am wearing S. This is something you can find at J Crew. Comfy, and soft denim. I liked it but not love, just wishlisted.

 Ocean Dipped Tunic Dress $148 TTS I am wearing size S. I had high hope on this one. The color is so gorgeous. It has a slip that is a little shorter than the dress. It's still cute, and will love it with boot and belt. Probably on first cut...

 Mixed Plaid Tunic $138 TTS wearing size S. This is super light weight fabric. it's like something I used to wipe my daughter's face when she was a baby. It's perfect for summer. Not worth the price I think.

 Tindaya Maxi Dress $158 TTS I am wearing size S. I actually really liked this. I almost bought it. There are two small buttons in the back and it makes it so cute! I am hoping to get this on sale. or maybe I will buy it next month if I don't see anything new that I'd love..

 Homestead Shirtdress $158 TTS I am wearing size S LOVE! LOVE! super cute! I am tired of dresses I can't wear daily... and this dress is so flowy and comfy and cute!! I brought it home!! Full price! Me!? Really. I loved it.

 Pieced Stripe Dress $138 TTS wearing size S. This is another dress I wanted. Super cute, I've seen many SA wearing it with denim jacket. So cute. Length is right for 5'7" too. I will wait for the sale though.. I already have striped maxi, just not with sleeves.

Leonor Shirtdress $158 TTS wearing 2

O M G!
LOVE! LOVE! super duper cute!! Fabric feels nice, it has a slip but wearing dark bra won't work.. I brought this dress home too!!
check out Leonor Shirtdress 's on me!

Happy shopping!!!

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