Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hair Care Eufora products

How often do you shampoo? How often do you use deep hair treatment on your hair?

Some people say, wash everyday. and some people say, don't wash everyday.

I just didn't have time to wash everyday, so I wash every 2 or 3 days, and I hardly ever used deep hair treatment even though I had them with me. I was just lazy and didn't have time for such time. I always had a bun on my top of my head or have a pony tail. I personally don't like hair around my face, I get itchy face and it's annoying.

But... when I cut my hair the other day, I had deep treatment, and had some protain spray, shine spray, and wow, my hair looked gorgeous!!

Remember this photo?

And this photo was before

What happened while I was there?

My hair felt softer, and silky. It wasn't so pokey and itchy when it touched my face like it used to!

Maybe, I needed the right hair product.

Yesterday, I had to go back to buy all the hair product they used on my hair that day!

I forgot to ask how often I should wash my hair, though...

But from now on... I am going to use deep treatment, I am not sure how often, maybe once a week? once in two weeks? Oh this treatment is soothing, smells so good, and super relaxing!!

What kind of hair product do you use?? How often?

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