Thursday, February 5, 2015

I tried..

Thanks to Jenni, she reminded me I have this Free People Maxi Miles of Henley Dress.
It's a bit too long, (I am 5'7") and I am not sure if I should cut it.. then I ended up not wearing it much. 

I tried on couple of items that are undecided weather I should keep or not over the dress today.
Please let me know what you think!

Free People Miles of Henley Dress

I think, out of three, I like the 2nd photo, Vegan leather Bomber the best. 

The first photo, Durango Jacquard Vest, even it's only $30.. I can't seem to like it. I just can't pull it off.. 
And the last is Deni Cocoon Cardigan in size M. I believe it's too big all around, Arm is right,but around waist, little big. I saw it with belt in store, and fell in love. That's why I tried it on like this, but doesn't this make my waist much thicker!? 

I don't know!!! I need someone else's idea!! HELP!!


  1. The vegan leather jacket seems to have nice fitting on you. I would choose the jacket out of three, since I like to wear something fitted. If I have slightest doubt on something, I usually end up not reaching for it. My rule of thumb is always to return things even with slightest doubt. The vest seems hard to keep straight for the design. The belt around the cardigan doesn't make your waist thicker in picture, but if the waist is too big, then you will always need to put belt around it. Think of if that's what you like. For me, with kid, it's too much extra hassle.

    1. well said!! I like flowy dresses, but other stuff has to be fitted or small I think.
      Thank you!!