Monday, February 2, 2015

New markdowns!

Yay! There are new markdowns this morning!!

Did you find anything?

These are things got first cut from my wishlist. Yes, I have quite a large wishlist!! but nothing was in my MUST HAVE list. boo!

so close.. so close... it has to be cheaper than that..

same here! needs to be little bit cheaper! Please!

Are they gonna offer extra % off!?

Oh, I didn't know these are black on the other side! 

wow.. really.. these boots look gorgeous! I need another cuts!!

These are another favorite.. 

Did you know glitter is hot this spring?

Maybe I can find something like this at DSW for cheaper..

This is why I am always broke.. I own too many boots already, but I find more beautiful boots.. and when they go on sale.. I just can't "NOT" buy them. 


I have one outfit photo that I hadn't share yet. I bought these boots last year, I think. They are super comfy and love the style! the color! and the leather!! 

Anthropologie Fur Scarf (can't find the name!) sim here
Gucci SquareWatch different color here

See, I have been trying to shop my own closet. I've been wearing dresses that I own already..

I am trying!


  1. I am also trying not to buy Anthro goodies. My method is to look away. I didn't buy any Anthro item today, but I bought Lego on Amazon (for my son's friend's birthday party) and Samsonite carry on luggage (my son broke the handle during a trip while trying to fight over it). These are extra spending that I didn't plan for, but have to. :( Still losing money in a non-enjoyable way. Inkwash Tie-Dye Shift looks way better on you than on Anthro's model! I would never be interested in that dress, but after seeing on you, I would. Too bad Anthro no longer carries it. Your Colorblocked Boots are awesome, too. I also love boots, but I make rule to myself. Each year, I limit myself to 2-3 pair maximum new boots.

    1. lol Lego good job!
      About boots, yes! That's what I do, too. But it's been what.. how many years? And I take my boots to repair, not throwing them away..
      I think this month, I will have to spend $$ for makeup, hair product.. ah but I want something new!