Monday, February 23, 2015

Rain Rain Go Away..

GAH! It was raining cats and dogs last night!!

I just put my winter clothes away and took my sandals and summer dresses out for the hot weather.

AND it's coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooold! BRRRRR!!

It was still raining this morning but I guess it's over now. I see SUNSHINE! YIPPIE!!!

My daughter was sick whole week and we didn't get to go anywhere for her spring(?) break. That was sad. And now she is at school, and I miss her. :(

Should I go to Anthropologie? They are offering extra 25% off sale right now.

Oh, I added more items in my blog sale. Please check!!

I am trying not to go to the store.. I want to buy couple items but they have to be on sale for me to purchase!!! And they didn't have new markdowns today!! WAHHHH!!!

I bet there will be lots next Monday. (I hope)

till then.. I have to stay away!!!!!!!!!

These are the items from my wishlist that on sale including popbacks this morning!

Gwyneira Knit Chemise $88 $49.95
Sweaterstiched Tunic Dress $148 $89.95
Terry Floral Fit & Flare Dress $128 $79.95
Laena Knit Moto Jacket $128 $69.95
Cowled Swing Dress $148 $89.95
Isi Jersey Maxi Dress $148 $79.95
Winter Rose Robe $168 $89.95
Sugared Lace Peignoir $148 $79.95
Ellie Dress $138 $79.95
Cirque Stitched Bomber $128 $39.95
Striped Chevron Sweatercoat $198 $129.95
Greyscale Cocoon Cardigan $118 $59.95
Skirted Pullover $98 $49.95
Waffle Stitch Pullover $88 $29.95

enter code EXTRAEXTRA to get 25% OFF!

Did you watch the Oscars last night?

I didn't know it was last night until one of my nieces' friend mentioned it on facebook. haha

She said.. "To anyone who is not watching the oscars...
What are you even doing with your life? You are missing out. You fools."

It's such an eye candy!! Those gorgeous dresses!! and jewelry!! diamonds!! heels!!

Well, I am getting my Free People's First Kiss Dress today! I am excited <3

While I was watching POPSUGAR Live At The Oscars last night, I thought.. "it'd be nice if someone's wearing Free People dress..  I could never afford or even touch a 3 million dollar dress..

Azealia Dress                                           Extratropical Dress

       Elizabeth Dress                                Mara Hoffman Beaded Maxi

Twilight Dreams Dress                                Belle of the Ball Maxi


  1. It's cold at our place. We will be in 30s tonight. :( I can't spend any money at Anthro at the moment. I just bought North Face Nuptse 2 jacket in black, and ordering all different face care products on Amazon. Can't spend anymore. I am so excited to order this face exfoliator.
    I am still in search for good face wash. I, like my mom, love Pola Polissma face wash, but it's getting hard to get. I am searching hard for good alternative. I also ordered this clay for facial on Amazon. Will see how it goes.
    Do you have any facial wash that you love, and can recommend?
    I love Twilight Dreams Dress from FP. Those are pretty dresses that you found. I didn't watch TV last night, but saw reporting of different pretty dresses on TV this morning. Lots of beautiful actresses with beatiful dresses!

    1. I am in trouble, Julia.. I went to the store today and found more things I want.. nothing was interesting in the sale room.
      For my face.. I use Clearasil.. I don't know what's good either. I just use it because I have acne. I am not that young though.. but my skin trouble won't go away.. I used to use toner and everything from Japan, when I am there, I buy so many of them.. but.. it was just pain in the butt..
      I use DHC Virgin Olive Oil, Deep Cleansing Oil. and C10 toner (DHC is Japanese company, I can buy them in US but online only) but
      I am slowly trying to change into things I can buy from Sephora, though.

      I will make a post about my skin care product sometime soon.

      I did try the dress you were talking about last time. I will post it as soon as I can!!

    2. Thanks for sharing your face cleaning info with me. I also have acne all the time. The weather here in summer, especially, makes my skin breakout like crazy. I wasn't like that when I lived in NW. It is pain in the the butt. I have to agree you. I am turning 43, and I have bad breakouts all the time!! My mom used to tell me that I wouldn't get breakouts usually when I get older. So not true!

      My only way not to buy things is to never look at things. I can't control myself usually. If I want something, I have to buy no matter what. I guess, living in a small town without Anthro kind of help me from spending too much. Lol. My another gf's rule is to only buy things that you will really use everyday. I try to stay within that rule, and it helps to try not to get things that I will never use. :) Do share your finds though!

    3. I know! my mom used to say that too! NOT true! lol
      and yeah.. that is what I am trying to do this year... Only buy things that I wear, will use... Not just because they are pretty....