Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ready for a Pool Party?

Well, I was invited to a pool bbq party this weekend. wow.. I wasn't ready for that. lol

I've always liked tankini tops but this year, I am trying bikini!!! I am still wearing shorts for the bottom, though..

Here is what I purchased at Target.

The reason I didn't like bikinis... well, I just don't have enough boobs to fit in there... lol 
But these, fit pretty well and feel secure...

My daughter got a cute bikini set too. 

The skirt was a joke, though lol but still, only $20..

Where do you buy your swim wears from??? 

It was fun trying things on with my daughter at target that day..  but seems like we are not going to the party after all.. My little princess has a cold.. -_-

Anthropologie is offering extra 25% off sale right now!! Use code EXTRAEXTRA
I didn't buy anything... all I want from Anthro now are new stuff! 

On the other hand... I did order a dress from Free People.
I've been eyeing on this beautiful dress for a while now. I hope this is what I see!


  1. I bought my swimwear from Victoria S, since I am like most Asians without boobs, especially after having baby. My boobs shrink. Lol. Victoria has nice push up swim wear tops. It's ironic though. I can't even swim! I am having cold, too. Our weather was at 20s and 30s last several nights. :( Not nice. More cold weather to come next week. Yikes. I didn't buy anything from Anthro. Like you, nothing I want. Hope your Free People dress will turn out well! I am thinking of buying another North Face down jacket. I know which one I want, but black is priced more expensive than other color. My second choice is light grey, which has cheaper price. I didn't place order, since I can't decide if the light grey will work with most outfits though. It seems less versatile than black when paring with winter outfits. What do you think?

    1. Ohh Victoria's secret vikini's good for small boobs? I have to try!! And yeah, mine shrank too. lol I was so happy I had boobs when I was I discovered how they bounce when you run, you never had that problem before then.....
      I have North Face down vest in black, and they are easy to put together! But I bet vest is too cold there.. If you don't have black yet, you should get one. I'd probably buy light gray because it's cheaper but then it'd probably wont work with most of outfit and ended up not wearing it.. So, black is better!!

  2. For $20 more, I should really invest on black. Thanks for your input! I got VS bombshell swim top, and it really works! I am thankful that mine doesn't bounce when I run!! :)

    1. hahaha I know. I am thankful now too. It was when I was nursing.. now, nope. lol