Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Review Adanne Tunic, Glinted Tee, Ocean Dipped Tunic Dress, Pieced Stripe Dress, Tindaya Maxi Dress, Diamond-Dot Chambray Shirtdress,Mixed Plaid Tunic, Homestead Shirtdress,Leonor Shirtdress 2.11.2015

I forgot to do this last week! Here are two days of Anthro reviews!

Adanne Tunic $98 TTS, I am wearing size S. I could probably go down a size. The store didn't have black x white combo, but I think it's the cutest. It's so soft, and flowy. Wishlisted.

Glinted Tee $68 I am wearing size M. It is probably TTS, but I liked the bigger/longer on me, so I tried size M and I was right. I saw this on hunger and it was super cute. Some people might have problem with fabric. It's not a comfy soft fabric, I don't know how to say but since it's metalic, you can kind of imagine.. It's totally see through.. That's the sad part..

 Diamond-Dot Chambray Shirtdress $148 TTS, I am wearing S. This is something you can find at J Crew. Comfy, and soft denim. I liked it but not love, just wishlisted.

 Ocean Dipped Tunic Dress $148 TTS I am wearing size S. I had high hope on this one. The color is so gorgeous. It has a slip that is a little shorter than the dress. It's still cute, and will love it with boot and belt. Probably on first cut...

 Mixed Plaid Tunic $138 TTS wearing size S. This is super light weight fabric. it's like something I used to wipe my daughter's face when she was a baby. It's perfect for summer. Not worth the price I think.

 Tindaya Maxi Dress $158 TTS I am wearing size S. I actually really liked this. I almost bought it. There are two small buttons in the back and it makes it so cute! I am hoping to get this on sale. or maybe I will buy it next month if I don't see anything new that I'd love..

 Homestead Shirtdress $158 TTS I am wearing size S LOVE! LOVE! super cute! I am tired of dresses I can't wear daily... and this dress is so flowy and comfy and cute!! I brought it home!! Full price! Me!? Really. I loved it.

 Pieced Stripe Dress $138 TTS wearing size S. This is another dress I wanted. Super cute, I've seen many SA wearing it with denim jacket. So cute. Length is right for 5'7" too. I will wait for the sale though.. I already have striped maxi, just not with sleeves.

Leonor Shirtdress $158 TTS wearing 2

O M G!
LOVE! LOVE! super duper cute!! Fabric feels nice, it has a slip but wearing dark bra won't work.. I brought this dress home too!!
check out Leonor Shirtdress 's on me!

Happy shopping!!!

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  1. Love your reviews as always! I was just wondering if you felt you could size down at all in the Pieced Stripe Dress. I am usually an XS in Sat/Sun but wonder if I should stick to the SP as it might be too clingy in the XSP? Thanks! ( I just sent a comment previously and it didn't show..hopefully this will not dup) :-)

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment! I could probably size down to XS on that dress. It is stretchy and I am betweenXS and S. I just prefer S always because of the length. Usually, XS is little shorter than S... I am 5'7" and the dress was mid maxi length, front is shorter. I think if you are shorter than 5'5", you should go with Petite on this one. Side might touch the ground. Or you could wear something with wedge or heels?

      I will check petite when I go to the store again!!!

  2. Great thanks! I just might order XSP and hope it won't be too clingy. :-) It looks stretchy like the Puella Striped Maxi.

    1. clingy.. what does it mean? I might be able to stop by at the store today, I will take some photos if I go there!

  3. Oh..uh clingy too tight in certain areas? I have smaller shoulders and a slight chest so I can get away with the upper portion being a bit fitted but wasn't sure if it flowed out nicely..not too tight in the hip/rear area etc. I am between sizes (XS/S or 2-4) almost on everything and not sure whether to go down or stay with S Petite. Thanks, Keiko :-)

    1. Got it!! I wasn't able to go to the store today, but I think I can tomorrow!

  4. The Tindaya Maxi Dress and Leonor Shirtdress are my two favorites on you. You wear those draped bohemian silhouettes really well. I think they'd be cute both as-is and belted. I haven't been into an Anthro since just after the holidays. I just splurged on a pair of black pumps with beaded bows on the toes, so it'll probably be awhile longer before I head into my local Anthro again. Whoops! I'm hoping the Winter Moon Tunic Dress will then be on sale and still available in my size. I can't stop thinking about it!

    <3 Liz

    1. I almost bought the Tindaya Maxi! It was a hard choice!! I haven't tried the Winter Moon Tunic.. I thought I'd love it but I am trying to avoid prints!
      I never ever buy things full price at Anthro, but i did.. and it feels so good lol.
      I guess I have to stay away from Anthro for a while, too? but I love the smell, and the time in there!