Sunday, February 8, 2015

Searching non prints

Oh no! Sunday is over!!

Are we having Anthro sale tomorrow? I hope so! .. oh but I don't have any more $$ to spend..

So what I've been doing is... Shopping with hubby!! he wouldn't go to Anthropologie or any girly stores,though. Oh why... I wish he would..

First, I got two tops and one maxi skirt from Target.

I can't find the Mossimo striped tank $17.99 (there is a zip on the back) on the website, but I believe these are the other two items I purchased.

And today, after hanging out at LegoLand for couple hours, we went to REI, hubby's favorite store. 
There, I found this cute top. 

I tried on black dots too. And I liked them both, but they are PRINTS again!!! 
I asked my daughter which I should get, she said "white because the polka dot is camouflaged."

I guess I liked the black one more but after hearing what she said "camouflaged", I had to get the white. The whole reason I am buying this is that I need more NO PRINTS. This is almost no prints.. since it's CAMOUFLAGED. lol

And oh man.. $70 for this top. Expensive!! I wouldn't buy it with my own money.. hee hee

What did you do this weekend?? Are you ready for the new week to start!?
Another week, then my daughter will have a week vacation!! I bet next Monday, there will be sale.. Um.. how am I gonna go to the store with my girl.. umm...


  1. I like Prana tops. They last forever and are usually very flattering.

    Your post reminded me of this blog: Men Trapped Inside Anthropologie.

    1. AHAHAHAHA I love that!! So funny! My husband used to wait for me to shop when we met, or newly married, but I don't remember when, he just stopped. lol

      Do you like Parana? I never found anything I like at REI before, but I like some of Parana clothing. So glad to know the quality is good!!