Friday, February 6, 2015

Simple shirt

I have been looking for something simple these days..

Most of the clothes I have in my closet are.... prints!!!
I need some basic shirts! But long enough that cover my tummy and butt.

I didn't want to spend much money on something simple, but I started to wonder.. maybe I should invest more?
For example.. I feel okay spending $80 detailed sweater or cardigan, but for a simple shirt, I don't think I wanna spend more than $30. Is it all in my head?? that it's not worth that much??

First, I checked Anthro of course.

Then I thought... Maybe I can buy these kind of shirt at Urban Outfitters for cheaper?
I looked, and looked, and looked.. 

So many options!!
But um.. only little bit cheaper. I am not sure about quality, I have to go check them out in store!

Where do you purchase your basic tops?? I tried Target, H&M, Free People, but couldn't find what I want. Um, after checking Free people website, I find quite a lot actually. I just couldn't see any in store!

Now I don't know what I even want.. after seeing so many shirts! I got confused and ended up grabbing some cute prints again. sigh  Maybe I should check J Crew, but their tops seem to be shorter than what I am looking for. hmmm....


  1. I actually like Truly Madly Deeply Handkerchief Tee from UO a lot. We are on the same page about getting basic tunic. As a mom, I found that wearing workout outfits for running errands is most comfortable and convenient. Last night, I ordered couple of long basics from Puma. Puma is having secret sale. It also offers free returns. Worth trying. These were what I ordered. Just to share with you. Will wait and see what they turn out when they arrive!

  2. those puma tops look awesome! They look little too thick for me. Let me know when you receive them!! I will keep searching for simple tops.. I went to UO today and check out some of the tops, and some were really comfy and soft quality and I liked them a lot!

  3. have you tried CottonOn at the mall? it's from australia, and they have lots of affordable basics

    1. Never seen the store before. Looks like there is one in fashion valley mall! I will go check it! Thank you!!

  4. You make me laugh! I'm also a print-aholic: when I shop that's what catches my eye! And I seem to get sick of wearing a certain print after a while, too. But then, you need the solid basic in between. Ah yes!!
    I have accumulated quite a few Deletta tops from Anthro over the years, to layer with those funky skirts and cardigans! And Uniqlo is fab too! Also Banana Republic and Garnet Hill for camis.

    1. Yeah. I decided to get rid of some prints.. lol
      I totally forgot about Uniqlo! I'm not sure if there are stores around here, but I'll check.
      But I think, my love of Anthro is still here, and deletta tops should do. I was just checking your blog sale.. hehe