Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine 2015

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day!!
My daughter read a beautiful poem in front of whole school, and sang Valentine song with her class on Friday. This was the best Valentine gift I've ever had!

On Saturday,  we went to... REI. lol again.. lol, then Fry's electoronics. Those are the stores my husband likes to go. 

But after that, he took me to Nordstrom Rack!!!
They were having clearance sale and I found two pairs of jeans!!!

These are what I got. Each $60 bucks!! I was lucky they had my size!

AG The Stilt Cigarette Leg sim here and here 

J Brand Maria sim here and here

Night in Del Mar was beautiful. We just went for a walk to downtown. Lots of loving couples!!

How was your Valentine's Day?


  1. Your daughter is beautiful! You must be proud of her to read poem in front of whole school. The jeans are awesome deals. Beautiful scene at Del Mar. Wish I can jump into the picture. We went to have buffet at casino which was one hour drive from where we live on Valentine. I scored two BCBG sweaters at outlet (each was around $30, where original price was $250). Couldn't be happier. I am thankful that our weather is around 60 during day time and sunny these few days.

    1. wow! That's a score!! I wish these comments allow us to upload photos, so I could see!! Maybe there is such thing.. I have to find out! Glad to hear you had a wonderful day!

      Yeah.. Each kids in her class were taking turn to read their poem in front of the school. ( I think one class do some sort of things on Friday, but I never went to the meeting, so I didn't know they were doing it) I was nervous to see my daughter's turn, I saw other kids reading poems but wasn't sure if my daughter could do it. You know what I mean?? I was like.. aww can my baby handle that?? Does she know what to say???
      Then, she did it. I was super proud of her!!

  2. Your daughter is so cute. That sounds like a great Valentine's Day.

    I went for dinner with my husband. I wore the Lavendel Dress (got this on sale a few months ago but have only worn it one other time).

    We are having a mild winter this year (it's in the 20s today) so I'm getting to wear lots of clothes that I would not normally wear until spring time. Ha.

    1. I just saw the dress on you! Super pretty!! I probably would have bought it if it were last year!! I am avoiding prints now!!
      The weather has been weird this winter, hasn't it!? It was cold a month ago.. and now it's hot!! like summer!

  3. This is the sweater that I bought. This one has no zipper, so it's cheaper. The other sweater that I bought has similar style, with zipper that runs sideway, and more expensive at original price.,default,pd.html

    1. that's a pretty sweater! and love the length! Reminds me of a sweater from Anthro, can't remember the name.. good find!!!