Friday, February 13, 2015

Walking into Anthro.... Pieced Stripe Dress XS and Petite XS

 Good afternoon!! It is another hot day in San Diego!!
I went in to Anthro again! and found more goodies!!

OMG! What is this!? It's a new cardigan I have never seen! It is beautiful. Do you see it online??
It is $198. I tried it on and it was TTS. I put it on hold.. Found it! It is Crocheted Lana Sweater by Angel of the North!!!!!!!!!

It's been hot here and I can not wear sweaters or cardigans that I purchased.. I might just return them and buy this instead!!!

And this... felt like silk. It said Dry Clean only. Darn it.. well, of course, but it's so pretty! Palolem Kimono $138.00

Finally, the  Pieced Stripe Dress $138 XS, the right is petite, left is regular. (please don't mind the petite hanger)

I am wearing XS here, (not petite!) my usual size S review here.  I can wear XS, but I like S better. XS is tight fit everywhere especially arms. It's really stretchy though... The side is about ankle length on me, 5'7".

 And this mysterious gorgeous cardigan. Crocheted Lana Sweater by Angel of the North It's like summer version of  Deni Cocoon Cardigan that I returned. I am wearing my normal size S. It's not as cute in the photo because the angle is wrong, but trust me.. this is beautiful! AND washable!! Yippie!!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your finds from store today! Pierced Striped Dress looks so nice on you. I usually don't wear maxi dress, since I have petite frame. It makes me look even shorter. With this dress, I might give a try after seeing on you. :) So nice that you get another hot weather in SD. We had 28 of temperature last night. I caught a cold while driving my friend's family to airport at 7:30 this morning. Not fun. :( Hope you will enjoy your Valentine's day with your hubby!

    1. There are so many things I want right now! It's crazy! I need money! LOL
      It was over 80 yesterday! and maybe today too!
      You should try this maxi! I saw it on SAs and they looked so good! I wanna buy it too but I just can't afford everything!
      Happy valentine's day to you too!

  2. Thanks so much for trying the XS, Keiko! I so appreciate it. It helped me decide which to get :-) Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. My pleasure!! Going to Anthro is one of my favorite things to do. lol
      Happy Valentine's Day!

    2. Received my SP yesterday and it's a perfect fit :-)