Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Anthro Review Novela Dress, Kerala Embroidered Shift, Suraja Dress, Verda Maxi Dress!

Happy Monday everyone!! Oh.. wait.. it's Tuesday!!!

Anthropologie's new markdown has been on Monday lately, so it got me confused.

It was supposed to be a rainy day today, but I see sunshine!! It's still chilly, though..

This new markdown messed me up a bit. The Deni Cocoon Cardigan (review here) went on sale like I planned, but the skirt I wanted didn't get a cut, and Novela Dress that I wasn't going to buy got a cut.. and I ordered them online early this morning!!!

I was going to buy brown and cream on the Deni Cocoon Cardigan, but because of the dress, I just got cream only. Maybe I don't need two of the same style.. yep..  I don't need it.

I could go into the store today.., but I decided to order them online.

$12 shipping...

well, if I drive around and have a latte, and it takes my energy.. so I am happy with online shopping for today.

Right now I am sitting in my room with a cup of tea. very nice. No more shopping for me for a while.

I did try the Novela Dress a while ago, and I don't think I shared the photo here. Let me find it.. hmm...

Yep, I found them. I am even trying on the Deni Cocoon Cardigan over it!! I have my old phone!! lol Why didn't I share this on my blog before??

Novela Dress $148 $79.95 I tried on size S, TTS, it's little too long? (I am 5'7") It looked beautiful on hanger but didn't love it on me I suppose,, It is still in my MUST HAVE wishlist, though? I am not sure what happened back then.
But I know that I love this type of maxi because I just put this on and I am ready to go!! Aaaand washable!! Perfect for moms.

I have some more reviews I can share from newer visit.

This is the outfit I had that day. I bought this Swoop & Glide Pullover through EA's FB trade market a while back. Thank you, Marina! I have been meaning to wear it with dress or skirt, but I haven't figured it out yet... 

Onto the reviews...

Kerala Embroidered Shift $178 TTS, oh my... I love this on me more than on a hanger!!  Mesh on sleeves has no lining under it, so it's see through, but body part has lining. I don't think it had pocket. Zipper on the side.

It's little pricey.. but I may.. buy it when they have some kind of full price promo..  eh.. maybe not.. hmm depending on how much I can make through blog sale. lol Please help my shopping addiction!! LOL Oh, and of course, it is washable. DUH!


Suraja Dress $148 TTS, another dress I want full price if I had the money! It's light weight, and not too crazy prints, comfortable, and washable!! It didn't have lining, but had pockets!
Back is little longer than front, I am not sure I like it or not. I guess it's a trend now? I just loved the feeling of the dress on me!! Perfect summer dress for a mommy!


Verda Maxi Dress $168 I am trying size S here. I tried on XS before, here. I felt it's TTS and length was perfect just like XS.
Unlike XS, the shoulder hit my upper arm like the model shot, so I decided to go with my usual size S. Plus, it might shrink a bit after wash. It has a lining like this.

More reviews...

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Did you score anything good today from new markdowns??

I have an outfit photo from.. a day before yesterday.  This Homestead Shirtdress is very comfy and cute.
Unfortunately, it was rainy, so I didn't have time to take lots of photos.. I wanted to share how cute it is but maybe next time!! And I give you a star..

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  1. Looking beautiful and stylish, as always! Thanks for the helpful reviews:)

    1. <3 I can't wait to wear the cardi with a dress or skirt.. something girly!!

  2. I am glad Verda Maxi Dress in size S works for you! It seems perfect. Homestead Shirtdress is truly awesome on you. Wish I am tall now. Lol. So happy you did more reviews! I always fall for anything with embroidery. You got my attention on Kerala Embroidered Shift. I will be stalking it when it hits sale rack. :)

    1. I know! The shift dress was a winner!!

  3. I looooove the Novela Dress, especially the color palette. From what I've read online, it's super stretchy and comfy. However, it also sounds like it runs super long. Great for the ladies 5'8" and above. Not so great for me at 5'4". Oh well. It's not in the budget anyway. Though the cut to $80 does make it more tempting!

    My favorite on you is the Kerala Embroidered Shift. The contrast of the blue with the nude slip is so pretty. Such a plus that you can wash it at home, too! My pieces that need to go to the dry cleaner is really piling up. Why oh why do I buy dry clean only pieces? I'm so bad about taking them in to get cleaned!

    <3 Liz

    1. Oh that maxi would look so pretty on you!!! The pastel color is your color!!! You should get it and bring it to tailor!!
      Yes.. the shift is really a winner,huh.... ugh so many things I want!!!