Tuesday, March 10, 2015


No shopping for me for a while, but I wanted to share one thing!

I found this Curlformers.

Do you remember when I got my hair done last time, the stylist curled my hair. I loved the look but I couldn't make that hair on my own. I suck at using curler. The hair curler just damages my hair... Maybe having a long hair is easier to curl.

I was checking through Youtube and was interested in Curl Secret but watching some of the reviews, I got scared..lol
Does anyone use it?? How is it??

I kept searching good curlers and I found this Curlformers that you don't need to use heat.
I ordered them on ebay. I received them in couple days and I tried them after bath one night.

I slept with that head...

And next morning, I took them off.


I love it.

I didn't use any hardening spray or anything, but I still had good curl in the evening. 

Do you curl your hair???
What do you use??

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