Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's summer!! St. Patrick's Day OOTD

Layered Eyelet Blouse sim here and here
Minted Terra Skirt sim here and here
Tosca Sandals sim here and here

Anthro had a new markdown yesterday, and I had to buy this robe online!!

Last Sunday, my daughter went to her classmate's birthday party. It was a drop off and I had to get her in 2 hours.

What do moms do for 2 hours?


There is an Anthropologie B&M nearby. 
One of the moms and I went into the store.

This outfit caught our eyes. 

Guess what? It was just a scarf!!

I had to order it online at night.. And of course, I bought this cardigan too! I couldn't wait any longer!!


  1. The scarf top is very interesting! The print is pretty and unique on the scarf, too! Let me know how you like your new Crocheted Lena Cardigan when you get it. Very exciting to hear your new order. I have been out for more than a week. My whole family caught flu despite the fact that we all had flu shots. It was miserable. Each of us had fever for 5 days straight. My hubby still goes to work with fever. I was so sick that I never touched computer entire week. I am still not 100 percent yet, but trying to get there. Just happy that my son finally goes to school again. He also was off school for entire week. Nordstrom is having triple point reward event. I need to go check out what I need to get, but I am still too weak to check. Plus, I booked plane tickets to visit Seattle in summer yesterday. I shouldn't be spending money. Need to also look for summer camps for my son in Seattle. Too many to decide. I wonder why do they have to charge $300 for computer programming classes. Will need to think about it.

    1. Glad to hear from you! I am so sorry about the flu... I am happy you are all getting better.. I know it is painful to see your kids getting sick with fever.. and you are also sick! >< HUG!!
      I am receiving the cardi and scarf today. I will have reviews soon!!
      I was going to go check out Anthro instead of gym this morning but I decided to just stay home and clean..
      We might move again when my daughter is out of school. We are talking about Lake Oswego, Seattle or back to Marin County. How is the weather in seattle?

    2. Thank you for welcoming me back! Hug. Why moving again? I would dream of living in San Diego. Weather seems to be always perfect there. Portland and Seattle weathers are mostly alike. Lots of raining gloomy days in fall, winter and spring. Usually damp and cold in winter. I used to live with Smart Wool or Ice Breaker underwears, wool socks and boots everyday. My jackets were waterproof. Occasionally, there would be snow (usually in January), and every thing cripples. Summer is very nice, but it lasts usually about two months. That's why we are visiting my parents in summer. :) My son can't wait to go fishing with his grandparents. I can't wait to go shop at Anthro, oh and eat all the goodies!

    3. We moved here for my husband's work, and we might again. There is another office in seattle, so we might go there. San Diego's sun is really strong and eating my husband's skin off! Or it could be from stress..
      Anyways, I am happy as long as there is Anthro. lol but if it's raining gloomy days all the time... hmm.. what's the point of having a nice clothes!?

    4. I know, however, you still get to wear summer dresses in summer, since summer is really nice up there. Just not rest other seasons though.

    5. haha! I see! I have to stock summer dresses then!

  2. I like the lace cardigan! Very pretty!

    And I'm jealous of your outfit. It's still definitely winter here!

    1. oohhh the sun is burning my skin here!! I like spring.. feel like we had no spring in SD!