Monday, March 2, 2015

Oops I did it again..

So, I have been trying to be part with my precious clothes, mostly untouched, never worn, just being beautiful in my closet.

I want to thank everyone who took those to new homes! I know they will be loved!
Shelly, Erin, Heidi, Kelly, Mindy, Cat, and Sachiko!! (wow!)

My new goal was.... to just have or buy something that I can wear daily. Something I can wear to my daughter's school, something I can wash!

Plus, there are so many new arrivals at Anthropologie that I can't wait for them to be on sale...

I was going to wait for Anthro Day (last year, they had extra 15% off full price in mid March), but when the SA said I can use my husband's birthday discount... (yes, I made my husband sign up. lol) I got SO EXCITED!

I was shopping with my sister in law that day. She had no idea how happy I was then. (She's not a huge Anthro fan.)

She was paying for Trinity Layered Sweatshirt at the register. When I heard the news from SA,  I disappeared into the store searching for these three dresses, (took me a while because the Homestead Shirtdress was the last one and they kept it in the back.)

FYI, I live close to three Anthropologie B&M and all of the store don't have the Homestead Shirtdress anymore!!

And showed up with THREE dresses in my arms walking to the register. LOL

I will be posting outfit photos in these soon!!

But anyways... that is NOT the "oops, I did it again".

I turned on Facebook last night. And found the on EA's trade market FB page. I've been looking for the Honeycomb Lace Dress forever! Since the day I saw a SA in the Village at Corte Madera wearing it with black jacket and black tights couple years ago. (Yep! Bumble Bee!!)

It is Dry Clean Only, and it's obviously a party dress.






Well, I have a wedding to attend in May.  So yeah..



The dress is size 0, so I am not 100% sure it'd fit me, but super nice Kristie offered it for $60 shipped!!! and I took it!!!! (If it doesn't fit me... I will list it on EA!)


I have 4 more Dry Clean Only dresses in my closet that I can not part with..

I have some reviews ready soon, too!!


  1. The three dresses that you bought from Anthro are really beautiful. Honeycomb lace dress is also one of kind. With right paring, it is a statement dress. I envy you living so close to three Anthro stores. Our weather here is still so so. Foggy and cloudy today. Will be in 20s on Thursday night. Also got eye stye, yikes. I am excited just to learn that you got what you got though. Lighten up my mood for the day!

    1. heh heh thank you. It is rainy here and probably tomorrow too.
      They didn't have sale today!! Maybe tomorrow?? I am back home but don't feel like working out.. :( It's cold...