Thursday, March 5, 2015

OOTD Scrollwork Maxi Dress

I am loving maxi these days.. super easy to get ready!!!

This morning, I woke up and checked EA. Yes that is my daily routine. lol Then found out that Anthro is having extra 20% off all Dresses!!


And I read that it can be combined with birthday discount!!

OMG Anthro loves me!!

I can get PA!!!

I was so goning to buy two more dresses today.. Kerala Embroidered Shift $178 and Suraja Dress $148. Both review here.


The SA told me she can't combine both birthday discount and promo...


But I got three dresses (this, this and this) with 20% off!! I mean the SA gave me extra 5% discount price adjustment.

and that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, I told myself that I should just wait for sale on those dresses I wanted to purchase if I was able to get more PA back.

Moving on.....

I was with my sister in law at the mall today, and she had to return a shirt to a store.

So, I went to the store with her.. and it was called..


Weren't you talking about this store, Julia!??

I bought two tops for $20! And they feel nice! I bought grey and white.. I wished they had black one, and guess what! They have it online!! They have kids clothes, too. I bought two leggings for my daughter.

Ouch.. I have a headache now.. it was a long day today..
Did you buy a dress from Anthro today??


  1. i told you about cotton:on when you were asking about basic pieces

    1. Ohhh Thank you!! Yeah I remembered someone mentioned cotton on. I had to size down because they run a size big!!! I didn't know Australian sizes are biger than American sizes!!!

  2. Your are the cutest. Okay, so that maxi dress you are wearing in picture came up as 7.96. Wow. Did you score! I love anthropologie too. Love your blog

    1. haha I wish!! I bought it last year!! But if it ever pops back... you that's the link you go to!!!
      Thank you for leaving a comment! <3

  3. I bought the verda maxi, too! It already shipped. Thanks for posting a review!

    1. My pleasure! Having three stores close by... I am in heaven! LOL