Thursday, March 12, 2015

OOTD- Verda Maxi Dress

YaY! Erin, Diana and Amy, Thank you for adapting my precious Anthro beauties!!

Today, I wore this Verda Maxi Dress after gym.
Did I tell you about my new daily routine??

I found a racquetball club!! ( The photo was taken when I went with my daughter for try out.)

I do not know how to play games but I know how to hit the ball to the wall!! And it is fun!!!

When I am better at it, I will play games with my husband or sister in law. But for now, I love playing by myself!!

My arms are sore..

I had hard time posing.. lol I am not this serious in real life..

I have a wedding to attend in May. My husband's youngest sister is getting married!!

What am I gonna wear???

This Honeycomb Lace Dress that I bought through EA's trade market.


A bit too small!!!!!


I can't zip it up!!!

Does anyone have size 2 for a trade???

I am working on losing some back fat but I am not sure..

If I can't get myself in the dress, I will wear this Estrella Maxi Dress.

or maybe....


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    1. thank you for stopping by!
      I use timer for taking photos in my backyard!!