Monday, March 2, 2015

Push-Up Bra

Where do you buy your bras??

I was thinking I'd get real bras when I am done breastfeeding.

Some people might think it's weird but I breastfed my daughter until she was... 5.

I just didn't stop her until she was ready to let go. She didn't have to have it, and it wasn't like newborn breastfeeding, it was mostly bedtime or when she was hurt or sick.
It comforted her in several ways at age 4. I would do the same if I had another child. :)

Anyways, I had always wore wireless bras since I was pregnant, and I've just buy cheap bras at Target.

And I recently thought... hey, I can get a real bras already!!

This is the first store I stopped by.

Frederick's of Hollywood

When I lived in LA, I found this lingerie store, and I was amazed how big your boobs can look without getting surgery!!
Back then, I liked this store more than Victoria's Secret. I thought I finally figured out why and how all the girls in LA have big boobs.  Not everyone have surgeries!! They have Hollywood Bras! LOL

I tried on Hollywood Heart Throb Lace Sling Bra and loved it.
I wanted to try Hollywood Knockout Push-Up Bra, but they didn't have my size. So that night, I ordered it online.

I received the package after few days, thought I'd love them all.

But... I didn't.

My mistake was that I tried bras on at the store but did not put a shirt over it to see how I look like.

I felt.. very awkward.. too big.. when I looked down, I can see boobs in my sight... lol Maybe that is normal...

But I want more natural look. I do like push up bras and love seeing cleavage on my chest, but 2 sizes up in a day is just too crazy@!! I don't even know what to say to other moms at my daughter's school. "hey look, I got a boob job?"

I am thinking to return the bras.. maybe keep just Hollywood Heart Throb Lace Sling Bra for fun.  (I bought 3 Hollywood Knockout Push-Up Bra white/black/beige)  I do like the polka dot.

Where else can I buy bras??

Victoria's Secret!!

I wasn't sure about sizing, so I went to try some on. I think I like it more than Frederick's now. The bras are softer, and padding isn't that crazy. Well, there are crazy ones but I'll get there when I am used to having some natural boobs in my sight..

These are what I bought.

Very Sexy Strappy Ring Racerback Push-Up Bra in black and So Obsessed by VS Push-Up Bra in Nude.

I was looking for halter neck bras, but the back of the strappy bra was so cute!! And everyone needs nude color bras, right!?

I tried both of them, and some more styles. These two are really comfortable! I'd recommend them to everyone!

Luckily, Victoria's Secret is everywhere in the states. I mean, now I know why the store is everywhere!

Do you have anything you recommend?? Any stores? Any brands?? What style???


  1. When it comes to bra. I am cheap. I get cheaper bras, since eventually, the elastic bands will wear out. I used to get VS bras, but they lasted about the same for me. I have Maidenform ( one. For running around everyday, including going to gym, I just end up wearing sports bras everyday. I have VS sports bras, but the style that I have is discontinued. The sports bras are push-up, and they are sturdy. I wash them frequently, and still going strong!

    1. The bras look good! and reviews sound good too! I wanna try Maidenform somewhere. Can I find them in any stores??

    2. I think you can try Kohls, to actual try on.
      I got mine from Maidenform's website, when they had really crazy deals for bras. I got mine very cheap.

    3. nice! I will go check it out!! Anthro has new markdowns this morning!!!

  2. Keiko,
    I'm so happy I can leave you a note without having to sign in and I can be "Anonymous". LOL. I always wanted to comment but couldn't because you didn't have that option. Anyhow, try the GAP for bras. I never buy full-price at the GAP. I always wait for a promo so I can buy them for about $20. I don't like "push-up" bras because they have a ridiculous amount of padding. I'm fairly flat but like it that way. I live in L.A., and hate all the fake boobs. I only get the very light padding which is nice.
    Btw, my friend breast-fed her son for a long time. It was unusual but he turned out fine...except he's a total "boob guy" now. He loves girls with big boobs. LOL.

    1. lol boob guy
      I had my blog set to no anonymous before because there were lots of spams. I am hoping they are gone now. lol we'll see!!
      I am happy you left a comment here :) Gap bras.. never thought of that!! Im gonna go check them out! So far, I am loving the victoria's secret bras that the back is pretty and can show it with my summer tops or dresses. But pricey!!

    2. The GAP just had a sale on bras so it's a bummer you missed it. Their bras are more basic but I think they fit really well. I have the "Favorite Plunge Demi Bra". I think the "Favorite Uplift Bra" has more padding if you like that. My sister just got the "Favorite Lace Wing Wireless Bra" which was very pretty in the pebble grey color.
      My friend's son (the "boob guy"...LOL) is now a teenager but what was funny is I remember when he was 5 years old running around outside during July 4th but he'd stop by his mom's boob for a quick drink when he got thirsty. It was funny and a bit strange!

    3. hahahaha My "boosh" was more of a comforter for her. Whenever she got upset, or sick, or anything, she had it. I was a human Thanks to that, she never really had tantrums. She is such a happy girl. :)
      It's good that I missed the sale.. I am I can wait for the next sale to come!! I like basic bras more than weird sexy ones.

    4. oh but yeah, I like the straps that can be shown in my back!