Monday, March 23, 2015


WoW it's almost been a week since the last post...

Since I joined the racquetball gym, I barely go shopping at the mall. I guess it is a good thing!?

I was actually going to the mall tomorrow morning instead of the gym, but the guy at the front desk said "see you tomorrow" when I left..

uh.. ok see you tomorrow... lol

I have to reserve a court before going there, so I always reserve it before I leave. I think he just assumed I was going to reserve one for tomorrow when I said "thank you" as I leave.

Anthropologie finally had Anthro Day promo last weekend, but I didn't get anything. I am all shopped out.  Plus I have no more money to spend this month..  Did you get anything??

So, I was still picking the dress for wedding.

Has anyone wore this to a wedding?? Is it too "white" "bride" ish!?

I guess if I wonder that, I shouldn't wear it..
What about this..

The dress code is Semi-Formal. Is this dress too casual??

I found a cute dress at Anthropologie, though..

I want to try it on!! Did you see the video on their site? SO DARN CUTE!!  

But I don't want to buy a new dress just to wear once.. This dress is dry clean only and I don't think I will ever be able to wear it again.. TOO EXPENSIVE!!!

Instead, I want a new pair of shoes or bags!!!

Oh here is what I want right now.

I did go to the store the other day to see which color I want. They have so many colors!!! I wanted black, red, green.... I wish I could buy them all!!!!

And shoes..

What do you wear with maxi dress??
Sandals? Heels? Boots?

The wedding is outside, on grass. 4PM. 


Nah, too hot..

These sandals caught my eyes.

Which goes well with maxi!?


  1. I like the first dress the most. It has yellow accent, so should be ok to wear to wedding, I think. Still, if you are going to wear once, it is too wasteful to buy a brand new dress. I would agree with you to invest on purse or shoes instead. Something you will use often! I am not a bag person, so I tend to pick a color that will go with most of my outfits. I just use the same purse everyday. Very lazy of me. Hehe.. I like sandal heels to go with maxi dresses. Maxi dresses tend to cover part of shoes, so I like heels instead of wedges to complete the whole outfits. I like Lien Do Beso Heels and Corso Como Coco sandals the most. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the wedding!

    1. Yeah I like the Corso Como Coco Sandals too. I have something like Lien.Do Beso Heels in black version, so I don't think I want that.. I only change purse now and then. I probably have more purse than I need.. but I keep wanting new one.. I think this will never end.. lol I think I will pick some sandals I own, then buy the Tory Burch purse!!

  2. I adore the patchwork petals dress! I think any of the shoe choices would work. I would go for comfort if there is going to be dancing. No boots though. It's springtime!

    1. hahaha dancing.. I didn't think about that... probably with my daughter.. so probably not high heels.. hmmm