Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Anthro Review Blazing Hibiscus Dress,Verna Midi Dress, Peachtree Dress, Latticelace Dress, Parted Emerald Dress

Good morning!! I finally have some free time this morning!! Well.. I was just too lazy to go to the gym.. plus I am little sore.. I started new workout yesterday!

Yesterday, I went to Anthropologie to try on some new dresses. I was hoping maybe I will find a new dress for wedding...

I was dressed like this yesterday.

Sailor-Striped Chemise sim here
Inner Art Denim Jacket sim here and here

I am in love with these sandals from Clarks.!

Okay, onto the reviews..

First, I tried on this pretty party dress..

Blazing Hibiscus Dress by Tracy Reese $448
I tried on size 2. The fabric has no stretch to it, and I am size 34A but chest was tight!!! If you are bigger than A, you will need to size up..
It has 4 layers in the skirt part. So pretty... If it was MY wedding and had the money, I'd buy it and wear it on my wedding shower. lol It's Dry Clean only..

Verna Midi Dress $158
I am wearing size 2. Maybe I got muscles in my back?? Chest was tight for me. Again, if you are bigger than A, you will need to size up, I think. Fabric has no stretch to it. it's cute dress but Dry Clean Only...

Peachtree Dress $178
I tried on size 2. I had hard time zippering the waist part. But chest was big for me. It says hand wash online but I believe on tag it said Dry Clean Only... I will have to check it again. 

Latticelace Dress $158
I am wearing size 2.. again.. sizing was off.. Nothing I tried on fit me right on this day.
I couldn't zip all the way on this dress. It has no stretch to it, and the slip is hard material, it makes sound every time I move.

I was very disappointed and was walking toward outside, then I found the Parted Emerald Dress $448, and took some snap shots. The dress looked fabulous n the showcase, I bet it'd look fabulous on a person too. It remind me of my daughter's Halloween costume.. and... her Disney princess dresses. 

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  1. I like Verma Midi Dress the most, but sad to learn that most of dresses are dry clean only. Usually, when I see dry clean, I would think twice. Thank you for including the washing instructions details. Very helpful! Blazing Hibiscus Dress looks great on you. Wasn't sure the sky high price of the dress. What's the white crochet knitted dress on the right in the first pictures of many dresses? I love crochet knit. Thank you for sharing your fitting reviews!

    1. The white dress is a maxi that I can't find on website yet. I will have the green dress and the white maxi review soon!

      I know.. Dry Clean sucks. lol I am not gonna buy Dry clean only dresses anymore, so these dresses.. are no no to me.

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the white dress. Sad to learn that it's maxi dress. I can't wear maxi dress, since I have petite frame. It makes me look even shorter!