Saturday, April 18, 2015


Chiffon-Trimmed Tank sim here and here

Wow! it's Saturday already!! Time flies!! Seriously!!

I am feeling okay with my daughter going to school now. I go to the gym after dropping her off, then I've been cleaning and organizing the mess..

During spring break, I found this super comfy wedge from Clarks. Some of my maxi's are too long to wear with flip flops, so I had been looking for a wedge that aren't too high, and comfortable. 
These are so comfy, I can run in them, and even carry my daughter when I have to. Very stable. I highly recommend. I bought them for $79.99 at Clarks Outlet but you can find them here, here and here.

Anthropologie is having EXTRAEXTRA again!! 20%off Sale items!
Did you buy anything??? I've been wanting to go check out the store, but I haven't had time yet.. Probably all the items with great deal are gone by now.. 
I did get PA from my online order though!! 

Hope you are having wonderful weekend!1


  1. I like the striped skirt and Clarks sandals. Comfort is always the key. I recently fall in love with D'orsay pumps, but never have guts to even try to place order online to try them out. I have bunions, and the shoes don't look very comfortable at all. Even though some brands/styles have really good reviews. Sometimes, I can't tell if I get good comfortable pair of shoes till I walk miles in them. I even got bad blisters last time walking in Puma's Mary Jane style walking shoes in NYC. I like to send my son to school, so I can get my own time to help out my husband's work. Still, I hate to send him to school when many of his classmates are sick with viruses. Sometimes, I just wish I can do homeschooling with him, but I am not sure if it will work. Plus, he loves to play with his friends at school. Parenting is never easy.

  2. The pumps look sexy! But I could never wear those thin heels.. I could, when I was younger..
    I agree with you parenting is never easy. We just try our best!