Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring break is over...

I thought I'd be happy today. Yay spring break is over.

but I feel empty..

I miss my daughter.

I still can't believe she is almost 7.

When did that happen?

I want her to grow up healthy, learn a lot of things, be able to do things by herself, but also I wish that she could stay baby.
I wish... I could hold her all day. I could keep her with me everyday.

The time I spend with her right now will never come back.
She is growing so fast. I thought she was just born.

I still remember the time she laid on my chest for the first time. Right after she was born.

I still see her the same way. She is my precious baby.

Everyday, she is growing. She learned how to walk. She learned how to go potty.  She learned a lot of things.

The time... will never come back.

I have to appreciate the time more.

I feel like I am wasting a lot of time..

I miss my little girl..

I can't wait to hold her in my arm again.


  1. Today's also first day for us after spring break. I did miss him after sending him to school. It was nice to see him again after getting him after school. I didn't go help out at my husband's lab today, so enjoyed full day of shopping/browsing on internet while my son was at school. It was nice to have quiet time all to myself. I also received my recent Modcloth order in mail. I ordered two pairs of shoes (Be Bright There in mint and You Win and You Cruise Heel). Love both of them. Most importantly, they are comfy to wear.
    I have the same feeling. Wishing my son just stay the same size forever, but I still want him to grow up well. Time really flies by. Really wish we can slow down the time of wonderful moments.

    1. ohhh they r super cute!! and comfy!? WINWIN!!!
      I went to the gym in the morning and went to the mall with sister in law in the afternoon. Didn't buy anything but it was fun.
      I was so excited to see my daughter after school, but she was totally okay. lol She is growing up.. I just have to enjoy every moment with her!!