Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Good news and bad news.

I've been wanting to take outfit photos, but I can't find the camera stand!! It's somewhere in the storage...

Well, I have two big news.

One is good, and one is bad.

Let me start with the good news.

WE,  FOUND, THE, HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!

We've been searching THE ONE forever, and we finally did!!!!

I can not wait to open all of my boxes and hang all of my clothes in my new closet, take all the shoes and boots out!!! Ohh how much did I miss my treasures... lol

I am moving next month before Thanksgiving!! Phew, I can make it to Black Friday.. I will be shopping for house stuff!!!

I want this for my bed.. New house, new bedding... <3

And the bad news..

I wasn't sure if I wanted to share this on my blog, but maybe it might help mentally if I speak out loud.

When I was in Del Mar, I found out that I had a micro tumor in pituitary gland. I started to take medicine which had really bad side effect. Nausea, dizziness... I was always tired, sleepy, all day everyday. That was one of the reason I couldn't get back on blogging so long.

About 3 months on the med, my MRI shows the tumor was gone, but I had to keep taking the med for a month after, then a month ago, I could completely stop taking it.

It's been a month, and I had to take a blood test again, just to make sure my prolactin level was right.
But I can tell already, that the symptom of the tumor is back.. I took blood test yesterday, so I will see the result soon, but I believe it is back..

I went through "Am I going to die?" "Am I gonna lose sight?" last time. Honestly, I am not afraid of death. Most people find it weird the way I think about it, but that's just the way I am.

I was just so hurt that I might have to leave my precious daughter. That, hurts. SO VERY MUCH.


I am not dying.
I am not losing my sight.

I do not want to have surgery, but

as long as I take that damn medicine,

I am okay.

I may not have enough energy to play with her as much as I used to.


I am okay.

P.S. I like the TV show Grey's Anatomy. And new season just started, so I started to watch it again. And there were this girl with the same tumor. And she almost died during the surgery, or in comma after the surgery. Well, she was fine after all. But... really? That wasn't cool..

Okay, let's go back to the good news.

I want a trampoline in the backyard. So my daughter can burn her energy without me. lol
Does any of you have it in your backyard?? Where is the good place to buy? Amazon? Costco?
I also want a small house that she can play in backyard. Or maybe a slide and swing...

Friday, October 16, 2015


I just received my coat!!! I was afraid they might ship the one from a store, but it's a brand new one!!

This button can be something better for sure. Why did they use this cheap material?? Everything else is perfect!!! I'd fix it if this plastic breaks..

This, is, a, gorgeous, coat!

What!? Fri, Sat, Sun &20% OFF!?


Enjoy 20% OFF full-price apparel in stores and online for a limited time. Discount reflected at checkout with code FALLFUN. This offer does not apply to Terrain or BHLDN merchandise or previously placed orders, and cannot be combined with any other discounts. 

That is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiickk!!!

I wasn't expecting this until next month!! Anthropologie... Are you taunting me??

I stopped shopping for a couple months, and this month, I think I spent so much!!

What are you buying????????? Do you have anything you want????

I.AM.BROKE!!!!! lol

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Elevenses Ice Blue Princess Coat (Odalie Princess Coat).. review UPDATED!

Good morning, ladies & gentlemen! I finally have some time for this reviews!!
Hope it helps for those who don't have Anthropologie or Free People close by!

So, this is the coat everyone's been talking about. It's not online in US yet.
I saw this coat last time I was at the store, but since it was still hot here, I just felt the fabric, (it looked good) and just passed by.

But yesterday, I had to try it to see if it's really worth the money.

With CA tax, it was almost $400. Yes. I bought it.. They had two of my size but both had some steam burn, so I asked SA to order from online. I hope I will receive a brand new, untouched coat. Otherwise, no. I am not spending $400... with a stain.. so be careful if you are buying from a store!! Check before you wear it!

The color is baby blue.. very pretty, and I have never seen a coat this beautiful. I do think it may get dirty after wear, but this is not an everyday wear coat. It's a fabulous coat. Inside is pretty baby orange x cream polka dot!. Oh yeah, and it's by Elevenses. So it's Anthro only. (Does any other stores sell Elevenses??)

Fur is round shape, and very very soft. It does not look cheap at all. And you can remove it if you like. When I receive the coat, I will take a photo of it without fur.

This is me, wearing size 2. My usual size. I sometimes have to get size 4 on coats, but this was perfect. I was wearing long sleeve shirt dress.
I am 5'7" and length was perfect too. The angle isn't that great since it's a selfie... but this dress worth $400 to me. It's something you'd have forever. It is gorgeous.

Buttons are all different sizes, one on the hanger had it wrong, I mean middle was put through the smallest part, so it was hard to take it out. (who did that btw..) but once you put it with the right hole, that's fine I think.

Would you buy this coat?? I wanted to wait for their coat promo...  Last year, they had it in November, but I was too afraid it may be sold out by then. So I had to buy it!!! Because, I have to have this!!!!!!!!!!

 Next, is Clustered Flora Cowlneck $168 by Saturday/Sunday. I am wearing XS/S. It's TTS, the color is beautiful mustard yellow. It's very warm.. but I am not loving it. I have too many prints and I can't add this now.. so, a pass for me.

Oh, and don't be fooled by the Dry Clean Only on website description. It's hand washable!

 Embroidered Foret Cardigan $238 by Sleeping in Snow. I love this brand. They make such lovely sweaters!! I am wearing size S, TTS for me. This is a typical Anthro prints!! Something that you don't see in other stores!!
I didn't buy it because I bought the baby blue coat, but I can tell... if you wear this, you'd get looooots of compliment.
My closet is full of Anthropologie, I'd say 90% is from Anthropologie, And I get compliments a lot!!!!

"Where did you get that coat?"
"Your dress is gorgeous!!"

My daughter even complained to me, "why nobody like my clothes?" "why is it always mama?"


This coat is one of those. Although... I am sick of prints, I might get this when they are on sale.

I can't wait what Anthro brings next month. I bet there will be more beautiful sweatercoats coming in!!

Now, onto Free People.

I have enough leather jackets, so I am not looking, but I found this gorgeous faux fur coat, that I may want..

Faux Fur Bliss Coat $268 but nah.. nothing is better than my baby blue coat. lol that was winner! But this looks so soft, and I like how there's no prints. lol Finger crossed for the sale!

Some more review for Free People dresses.

 Excuse my tummy fat.. THIS, Low Rise Slit Flare is awesome!!! They were Originally $78, and now $29.95. Zipper is on the side. It feels like leggings, it stretches. I sized down to 26, and they fit perfect!! They came in 4 colors, and I bought 3 different colors!!

Daylight Dreams Dress is soooooooooooooo pretty.. It fits TTS, I am wearing size S.

It's short for 5'7" but I wore shorts under, and I got so many compliments!!

 lovely.... for... real..

Here is a picture of me, with my nephew. lol People thought I was his girlfriend. Nice! lol

The last review, Dreamweaver Dress $168 $69.95
Seriously... it's $100 off!? They just had 2nd cuts!! I am wearing size S, fits TTS, again, if I had more boobs, that would be nice.. I can probably wear size XS too. The front has 4 hooks that you can open, so if you have nice boobies, show your nice cleavage!! (wish I could! lol)

 I couldn't pick one color.. so I kept both!!!

I haven't taken any outfit shots since I left Del Mar.. I am waiting for my husband to finally decide which house he wants..  Right now, my clothes are in boxes in storage... but I feel like I need to open my boots boxes. I miss them so much!!!!!!!!!

All I am asking is... a BIG CLOSET!!!!!!!!! and a backyard for trampoline. I need my daughter to burn her energy before bed time!! lol

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Anthro Dress Review! Lisse Peasant Dress, Palolem Cover-Up, Dipped Chambray Shirtdress, Nora Swing Dress, Military Swing Shirtdress, Putomayo Shift

For some reason, this dress is deleted from Dress section. I ordered it a week ago, and it has arrived. Here is me trying it on..

 I ordered size2, which is my normal size. So I'd say this runs TTS.  Shoulder part is eyelet and embroidered, cotton(?) but the rest is sheer viscose, according to the tag, the dress is 100% viscose, lining is polyester.
 Very cute, but the color is darker, little more dull than model photo. I am not 100% sure if i want to keep it or not.

OMG!! I just noticed something HUGE!! WTH!?

The site photo shows white eyelet!! and what I received is black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't have known if I didn't write this post..
That's why the dress is off from the site? That's why I wasn't sure if I loved it??

Hmmmmmmmmmmm.... I will keep this dress for a while, and see what's gonna happen.

and OH MY!

While I was writing this blog, the model shot from Anthro has changed into the one I am wearing!!


yep. Now I know why I didn't love it when I tried it on. I wanted the white eyelet. 

I am SAD!

I ordered this in size S, it's TTS but there is no stretch to it, if you are pear shaped, you should size up. 

I liked it. I could possibly wear it as a dress if I wear a tank under, and slip. but the smell.... of the dress was gross.. chemical? dye? I don't know, but that's the reason I am returning it.

This went on sale this week, and current 20% off promo, it's a steal! I ordered it when it got on sale, so I am hoping to get a PA.

 I am wearing S here, I heard it runs big, so I ordered XS as well. (It hasn't arrived yet)
I like the length but arm hole.. is huge! Maybe I can wear cool looking bra, but I want to try on XS and see.

I saw this in pink in store, and I found it blue online. Personally I like blue version.

 I found one in Petite, so I grabbed it to see the difference.
On the right, is the regular S, and left is petite S. I am 5'7". I believe it's TTS. It comes with a slip. I like the dress length of petite, but I prefer the regular sleeve length. lol
It's be cute with belt on, but for now, even with 20% off, it was pass for me.

 Here is the pink version. The color is so sweet, I am wearing Petite S. Again, I am 5'7".

This also come in black. It looks dark navy on the site, though... I wanted to see it in my eyes but my local store didn't have it. 

 I am wearing size 0, since they didn't have my normal size 2. I can wear it and it fits everywhere but when I try to move my arms, it pulled. So I'd say this runs TTS. I ordered my size!!!

This was my love at sight. I saw it in the store when I passed by. I wanted to try it on, so I went back!!

I am wearing size S, I could probably wear size XS too. It felt a little big but it may be the style? I will try XS soon!!
I love it, but don't love the price.. but since I am returning the Lisse Peasant Dress $168, I might buy this one!! I hope my husband lets me go to the store today!!!

Free People is offering 25% off sale in store!!
I just noticed one of the dress that I bought went down more today!! You must see!!!

 These are sooooo cute!! It's a steal!!!

Dreamweaver Dress $168 $69.95

I haven't even worn the pink one yet... I could have saved $60..... REALLY!! Now it's your chance!! it's TTS!! I hope my readers gets them before someone else buy them! lol Then I feel better about $60...