Saturday, October 10, 2015

Anthro Dress Review! Lisse Peasant Dress, Palolem Cover-Up, Dipped Chambray Shirtdress, Nora Swing Dress, Military Swing Shirtdress, Putomayo Shift

For some reason, this dress is deleted from Dress section. I ordered it a week ago, and it has arrived. Here is me trying it on..

 I ordered size2, which is my normal size. So I'd say this runs TTS.  Shoulder part is eyelet and embroidered, cotton(?) but the rest is sheer viscose, according to the tag, the dress is 100% viscose, lining is polyester.
 Very cute, but the color is darker, little more dull than model photo. I am not 100% sure if i want to keep it or not.

OMG!! I just noticed something HUGE!! WTH!?

The site photo shows white eyelet!! and what I received is black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't have known if I didn't write this post..
That's why the dress is off from the site? That's why I wasn't sure if I loved it??

Hmmmmmmmmmmm.... I will keep this dress for a while, and see what's gonna happen.

and OH MY!

While I was writing this blog, the model shot from Anthro has changed into the one I am wearing!!


yep. Now I know why I didn't love it when I tried it on. I wanted the white eyelet. 

I am SAD!

I ordered this in size S, it's TTS but there is no stretch to it, if you are pear shaped, you should size up. 

I liked it. I could possibly wear it as a dress if I wear a tank under, and slip. but the smell.... of the dress was gross.. chemical? dye? I don't know, but that's the reason I am returning it.

This went on sale this week, and current 20% off promo, it's a steal! I ordered it when it got on sale, so I am hoping to get a PA.

 I am wearing S here, I heard it runs big, so I ordered XS as well. (It hasn't arrived yet)
I like the length but arm hole.. is huge! Maybe I can wear cool looking bra, but I want to try on XS and see.

I saw this in pink in store, and I found it blue online. Personally I like blue version.

 I found one in Petite, so I grabbed it to see the difference.
On the right, is the regular S, and left is petite S. I am 5'7". I believe it's TTS. It comes with a slip. I like the dress length of petite, but I prefer the regular sleeve length. lol
It's be cute with belt on, but for now, even with 20% off, it was pass for me.

 Here is the pink version. The color is so sweet, I am wearing Petite S. Again, I am 5'7".

This also come in black. It looks dark navy on the site, though... I wanted to see it in my eyes but my local store didn't have it. 

 I am wearing size 0, since they didn't have my normal size 2. I can wear it and it fits everywhere but when I try to move my arms, it pulled. So I'd say this runs TTS. I ordered my size!!!

This was my love at sight. I saw it in the store when I passed by. I wanted to try it on, so I went back!!

I am wearing size S, I could probably wear size XS too. It felt a little big but it may be the style? I will try XS soon!!
I love it, but don't love the price.. but since I am returning the Lisse Peasant Dress $168, I might buy this one!! I hope my husband lets me go to the store today!!!

Free People is offering 25% off sale in store!!
I just noticed one of the dress that I bought went down more today!! You must see!!!

 These are sooooo cute!! It's a steal!!!

Dreamweaver Dress $168 $69.95

I haven't even worn the pink one yet... I could have saved $60..... REALLY!! Now it's your chance!! it's TTS!! I hope my readers gets them before someone else buy them! lol Then I feel better about $60...


  1. So glad to see you back blogging again! I love this Free People dress! I'm going to buy it now on the website, are you wearing a small or extra small? I'm always an extra small and sometimes their clothes can overwhelm me but seeing this dress on you makes me want it and give it a try, especially at that price! Look forward to your Free People dress reviews!

    1. Thank you! I was actually wearing this today at the Children's fair at my daughter's school!! I bought size S, my normal size, and it fits perfect!! I wish I had bigger boobs, though. lol You are lucky you got it for this price!! I wish I did.. lol

    2. Hey Keiko, I got the dreamweaver black dress in the mail yesterday and it is really pretty. But I agree I have no chest and my little xs dress would look fabulous if I had a bigger chest to fill out this pretty dress! But I love it for the price, thank you for your reviews!

  2. Thanks for the reviews, Keiko!