Friday, October 9, 2015

Anthro is offering 20%off Dress NOW!! and Free People is offering extra 25% off Sale items and Jackets in store NOW!

I was hoping they'd offer extra 15% off full price dress and free shipping, like last year of this season, but surprise!! It's 20%off this year!! and full price and sale dresses too!! (Well, they just had extra 30%off, so yeah why not..) 

I was going to my local Anthro today anyways, for some returns. So yay! 

These are what I've been eyeing on.. 

I wasn't so interested about this dress until I saw it on window. And the model shot! It's cute!!

Another dress I haven't decided. The model shot is so cute but I have so many dresses like this. But still tempting..

I actually ordered this on sale last week. I am hoping to get PA!!

This was love in sight online, and I didn't see it in store last time, so I ordered it last week. I tried it on last night, and I thought I'd return it... but with 20%off? I am keeping it!! Review coming soon!!

I ordered this online couple days ago. I hope it will ship and get PA..

I received this yesterday. Even with the second cut price, I didn't love it. It looks good but didn't really love the material. hmm.. I am going to try it on again and will decide.

I WILL try this on today if I find it in store. Possibly buy it too!! If they don't have it, I might order it!!

Despite the one bad review.. it looks so cute on model. I want to try it and if it works on me, might consider!

This was another love at sight!! And I've seen it in store, just haven't tried yet! I want both colors!!!!

Simple, and cute. sigh.... at this point, I just need more money!! My size has been sold out and look, now it says available in January!!? What's so great about it!? It's just a denim dress! (I have to talk to myself sometimes.. ) I think this model shot, and the boots.. makes it so pretty.... Hope I can find it in store.. 

I saw this in pink in store, and I was interested. I am so gonna try this today!

Oh hey, this was ANOTHER love at sight. I was admiring it in store the other day. I was going to try this on and still haven't yet! I will try it today and possibly buy it!!!

Well, summer is over but this is not on sale yet.. Is this newer?? It needs 50% off!! but I will try it if I see it today!

I ordered this yesterday. (yes I have been ordering stuff online like cray cray) I hope this will ship and give me some PA!

I was actually going to order them online, but... you know... the shipping fee stopped me. I normally don't care but today, I am planning to go to the store, so I am gonna be patient!! That way, I don't go too crazy!! My cart was over $600!! I am a shopaholic again!! UGH!!

I had been good, since I moved back to Marin. I think living without my clothes (Most of them are in moving boxes in storage) is helping.  I am more into bohemian style, and finally decided to get rid of bunch of my precious clothes. I thought I don't have to shop at Anthro anymore. Their clothes are kinda not my type anymore.


They have many cute bohemian clothing! OMG! I am in trouble!!
I've been shopping a lot more at Free People these days.. but a lot of the time, their quality sucks.. and dresses are little too short. (I wear shorts under)
I am returning bunch today, and someone's gonna be lucky to buy them with extra 25% off on Monday! Good for them!! >.<

I have some Free People dress reviews coming soon, too!!!

I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

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