Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Good news and bad news.

I've been wanting to take outfit photos, but I can't find the camera stand!! It's somewhere in the storage...

Well, I have two big news.

One is good, and one is bad.

Let me start with the good news.

WE,  FOUND, THE, HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!

We've been searching THE ONE forever, and we finally did!!!!

I can not wait to open all of my boxes and hang all of my clothes in my new closet, take all the shoes and boots out!!! Ohh how much did I miss my treasures... lol

I am moving next month before Thanksgiving!! Phew, I can make it to Black Friday.. I will be shopping for house stuff!!!

I want this for my bed.. New house, new bedding... <3

And the bad news..

I wasn't sure if I wanted to share this on my blog, but maybe it might help mentally if I speak out loud.

When I was in Del Mar, I found out that I had a micro tumor in pituitary gland. I started to take medicine which had really bad side effect. Nausea, dizziness... I was always tired, sleepy, all day everyday. That was one of the reason I couldn't get back on blogging so long.

About 3 months on the med, my MRI shows the tumor was gone, but I had to keep taking the med for a month after, then a month ago, I could completely stop taking it.

It's been a month, and I had to take a blood test again, just to make sure my prolactin level was right.
But I can tell already, that the symptom of the tumor is back.. I took blood test yesterday, so I will see the result soon, but I believe it is back..

I went through "Am I going to die?" "Am I gonna lose sight?" last time. Honestly, I am not afraid of death. Most people find it weird the way I think about it, but that's just the way I am.

I was just so hurt that I might have to leave my precious daughter. That, hurts. SO VERY MUCH.


I am not dying.
I am not losing my sight.

I do not want to have surgery, but

as long as I take that damn medicine,

I am okay.

I may not have enough energy to play with her as much as I used to.


I am okay.

P.S. I like the TV show Grey's Anatomy. And new season just started, so I started to watch it again. And there were this girl with the same tumor. And she almost died during the surgery, or in comma after the surgery. Well, she was fine after all. But... really? That wasn't cool..

Okay, let's go back to the good news.

I want a trampoline in the backyard. So my daughter can burn her energy without me. lol
Does any of you have it in your backyard?? Where is the good place to buy? Amazon? Costco?
I also want a small house that she can play in backyard. Or maybe a slide and swing...


  1. I am happy that you are writing again. I just happened to click on your blog after thinking you were through with it. So glad you are back but so sorry about your tumor. I am glad there is medication to control it. Love your reviews!!

    1. Thank you :) When I am in a new house, I will be happier and with highest spirit!! I'm sooo gonna love it!! I just cant wait for my closet to fill w my cuties!! <3

  2. So sorry Kieko! I know it took courage to write about your tumor here on the blog. Makes you realize the truly important things in this life! Keep taking the medicine! So happy you decided on a new house!

  3. There was free shipping promo this morning with Anthro on top with 30% off. I started thinking of you, since you stopped blogging awhile back.. I thought that you lost interest in blogging. So glad to see you back! I am sorry to hear about your recent news about your health. You are in my thought. I hope you will get well soon. I have a Japanese friend who had ovarian cancer, and she completely fought it off. She is all fine and healthy. We go out to have dinner from time to time. Take lots of care. Ganbatte!

    1. Hi Julia!! I was hoping to see you! I am glad you checked :) Thank you so much for sweet words. <3
      I am more active on Facebook until we move into the house. It'll be end of November!! I am sooooo excited!! If you have facebook account, let me know!! <3 <3

  4. I do have active FB account, but usually I check friends' and relatives' postings mostly. I don't feel comfortable to show my FB account on comment, since everyone can see though. I tried to look for 'contact me' on your blog, but think there's no link.

    1. ah I totally understand! Mine is mostly friends and relatives too! I'll keep up with blog and hoping to keep in touch with you here :)

      My email is If you don't see me for a longtime!

  5. Please keep us updated of your blood test result. Will definitely keep on checking your blog, as I had already had done regularly in the past. :P Hope everything will all right with you and your family.