Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lunch Box for my little princess

It's Thursday!!! That means it's a short day!! YAY!
Though.... I still need to make lunch.

Here is what I have been making for my daughter :)
I go grocery shopping while she is in school. I try to buy small amount, and not to use frozen things, I want to feed her fresh food!! 

Why do I make these bento? Well.. it was one of my dream growing up. 
I started to make my own lunch bento since junior high. Both my parents were working and the lunch my mom made wasn't pretty.. so I told her I am gonna make my own!!
And I've wanted to make cute lunch if i ever had a daughter. 

That's why!! (I read Junie B Jones last night)

 This day, I was going to make Omurice, but I realized I didn't buy egg... so I used Tikka Masala wrap from Costco. This is so yummy btw. You should try!!
And my daughter loves Edamame, and bought a pack from Trader Joes. The trick to make it yummy is, boil them for a bit (3-5mins) although package says it's ready to eat, then rinse with cold water, then add some salt. HMMMMM

Oh yeah, Tuesday is Burrito day. My daughter has high tech burrito at school every Tuesday! So I just packed her some snack for recess.

 This was a very special day. The whole school was playing Michaelmas, and my daughter( 2nd graders) was the knight and defeat dragon (7th graders). And she requested me to make a dragon bento...

wakame rice and on top, imitation crab (dragon skin), broccoli, sugar peas, sesame dressing in container, sweet potato( made to look like pumpkin) Cilantro, chedder cheese, cherry tomato, bacon, Strawberry, raspberry, kiwi,

 This was quick lunch, I came up with..

Croissant Sandwich (Salami with Creamy swiss, Italian Parsley) Chedder cheese, Bell pepper, Broccoli (mayo in container) Strawberry, Grapes

Another lazy day. Cheese Pizza from whole foods. I cut them into pieces, so look like mini pizzas!

Ha! I tried to make Omurice again and didn't have time to cook the egg... so instead, I made a star shape and put star shaped chedder on it. 

Lego lunch!!!

english aged chedder, mild chedder, block hamn, sweet potato, carrot, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, green apples, non sugar berries jam& butter sandwich.
 I made this cream corn mushed potato a day before, and my daughter loved it, so there it goes!

sweet corn mashed potato, sweet potato w brown sugar (orange ones) pasta w chiken apple sausages , broccoli (there s mayo in little container) , english aged chedder cheese , strawberries

I love you Bento. Lots of love..

Hot dog bento!

multi grain croissant, cocktail beef franks, chedder cheese, (ketchup in container) , creamy swiss, Italian Parsley, Mini peppers, Peach, Raspberry.

And this is today. Yum Yum!!

Teriyaki Chicken w Green Onion&Sweet Onion, over white rice, Cherry Tomato, Smoked Gouda Cheese, Fried Veggies (Asparagus, Mushroom, Bell Pepper) Strawberry, Mandarin Orange.


  1. I finally have some time to skim through your recent postings, since I didn't know you start to blog again. Will you be wearing your new sky blue coat soon with removable fur collar? Can't wait to see your ootd in the new coat! Wow, you do have love for bentos. Even though I had full dinner just not long ago, your bento pictures are making me hungry again. :P~ How did you make the pumpkins out from sweet potato? Is that raw sweet potato? How do you combine brown sugar with sweet potato? I love sweet potato. Think it's great idea to include in lunch box. I need to stop making boring sandwiches in Ziploc bags for my son. Lol. Your bentos really inspires me. You are my role model!

    1. haha thank you!! You just mush the potato after boiling it, and add brown sugar, and mix. and make the shape and use tooth pick to draw the line.

      The coat, it is still too hot to wear here, and I packed it in moving box. Maybe I was too dumb to buy it too early? lol I just wanted brand-new, un touched one because the ones in stores seemed to be broken apart!

  2. Thanks for the tip about sweet potato! Great idea to shape it into cute pumpkin shape. It's also still hot here in SE, we have highs in 80s everyday. I am no where near sweater or coat. Lol. Good idea to get one first, just to make sure that you have brand new coat. You can always return later, if it goes on sale, and you can find another brand new one!