Saturday, November 28, 2015

Anthropologie Black Friday!!

OMG!! What did you buy!??

It was only 25% off.. but EVERYTHING was 25% off!!

I was lucky to get PA for a king size quilt couple days ago. LOL YEAH!!

I went into the store little past 6AM. If it was 50% off, I'd be there by 5:30AM lol

Anyways, I took some pictures. It was slow morning, and very quiet.

I love Anthropologie candles!!! What I love the most??
The Volcano!! I feel like I am at Anthro in my room when I light it.. lol

These are so cute!! I'd get them but I have to wait at least one more month... Until I move to a house!!

And I found this pretty dress! What is it!??
Wow, it looks WAY better in RL!!

And check out this jacket!! So Pretty!!!
UGH! Can't find it... Let me know if you see it!!

Winter Blossom Wool Jacket $228

I actually went again this afternoon, to buy gloves, and it was packed!!!!!!!!!!! Glad I shopped early morning on BF!

Here is what I bought both in store and online.

Yep, I had to buy these online.. I just couldn't resist.

These are the ones I bought in store today. I actually wanted the beige but they didn't have them.. so I have to buy them online next time!!

                Quartier Plaid Scarf $68                 Paquerette Shirtdress $148            

These were my lucky buy on BF in store. I had to ask SA to find these for me. The dress, they only had one in the back, and it was XS. I tried it, and fits me!! YAY!!

I couldn't find anything I want from sale room, and they didn't have much anyways.. But I am pretty happy with my new items!!!

Not much haul compared to couple years ago. But I spent so much already this month. I will have to wait for Christmas Sale!!


  1. The gloves look like they were difficult knitting patterns. Best is that they were hand knitted. I also like the Effortrescene Dress. Still, I want the Maeve Turtleneck Dress more.. Hopefully, it will be back in stock. I was not happy, since I called New Orleans store at beginning of the week asking about opening hour on BF. I was told to be 8. I was there before 8, but only to find out that store was open at 7. There were couple of sweaters that I liked on sale racks, but they were mostly larger sizes, sadly. Maybe people who got to store before me bought the smaller sizes?!

    1. aw that sucks! In a week, you ll start seeing them back in stock!! Keep eyes on them!

  2. Kyoko-san they have the jacket online: And it's washable!

    1. ohh I seeit too! Thank you!! I will add link to it <3

    2. oh and my name is not Kyoko!! Its Keiko!! I am from Kyoto,