Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Free People Captivated Bead Vegan Tote

I was just browsing Free People, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie to see if I can find something for Christmas gifts.


I always start early, I have... 4 nieces and 4 nephews!!

I usually don't know what to give to those poor boys, and I ask my husband to get them something.

And girls, I really go crazy!

I've already found two gifts!!

But today, I found something for me. From Free People..

Aren't these cute!???

I just had to order both of them... and they are offering FREE SHIPPING!!!

And I've been eyeing on these... from Urban Outfitters

If I can't find anything better, than this.. I will get this beanie for my teenage nieces, maybe even nephews too lol

Have you been shopping for Christmas?? Do you shop Black Friday???

Oh yes, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is soon!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not ready!!!!!!!!



  1. You just had me spent on the Free People's purse! I got the caramel color one. TOO cute, and so cheap!! Oh my. I can't wait to get it. Thank you! The beanie hat is cute, too! Too bad that I don't have a daughter, would be buying it for my daughter. It will be great Christmas present for sure! I did splurge this morning on Ann Taylor Loft's sweaters. I ordered whole bunch to get free shipping. Sale is starting to come in. I can't order from different stores, since we don't even have for example, Ann Taylor, Gap, Banana Republic whole bunch of stores here. We do have loft, so I ordered from them, and can return back to store without paying return shipping. I have been eyeing on over knee boots lately. I saw Steward Weizmann's OKB everywhere online, but they are way too steep for me to spend on. I haven't found one that's more close to it, since I prefer real leather made boots. Have you had any experience with OKB? Do sure more what you find, since I am deprived living in a small town!!

  2. haha you bought one too? I can't wait either!!
    I live close to Anthro and Free People but I prefer shopping online. I can always return in store, so it's good isn't it!
    OKB, I have couple pairs, but I don't wear them that often.. You should wait for the sale for sure!! Talking about Steward Weizmann, I want their gladiator sandals!!! I am waiting for the sale but they never goes on sale!! it's cold! come on!! lol

    1. I just got the Free People's purse in mail today. I love love it!! Thank you!!

    2. wow! that was fast!! Mine arrive on 19th!!