Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween!!

Well Halloween is finally over...  I am excited about our move to the new house next month!!

Daytime trick or treat in the mall...

Nighttime in the neighbor...

What I've been doing last couple weeks??


And shopping... of course! lol


  1. Looks like your daughter had great Halloween! Love both her costumes, especially the Chun Li one! =) I just stayed home to give out candy. My son did go out trick or treating around our neighborhood. I gave out way more candy this year, since it's a Saturday! Good thing thunderstorm came in, otherwise I would be out of candy! Wow, I am super super impressive of your daughter's lunch! I can't get up at 6am in the morning to make all the nutritious super cute looking lunch boxes. My son just brings sandwiches, pizza or burritos to school. Really simple, since I am even too lazy to make simple sushi roll like I used to. Your girl is so lucky. Her classmates must be really jealous! Where are you moving to? Sorry, I lost track of your moving. Thought last time you were looking for houses around Portland, OR. Can't wait to see pictures of your new house!

    1. yeah, we considered moving to portland, but we finally found the house weve been searching for!! in Marin county, CA! Just where we lived before Del Mar. So we are so close to husband's family!

    2. Is it in the Bay area? I miss Giant Redwoods, and the rest. Have been away from California so long. We used to live further inland from LA, nearby Riverside. That's where me and my hubby went to graduate school. We spent about 8-9 years there. I love San Diego, too. Weather is just perfect there. Ah, miss the good old days so much. I can't wait to move, but right now, my hubby needs to try to get his research grant from government. It's not easy. Did you get anything from Anthro sale this morning? I haven't bought anything in a long time with Anthro, since I have no clue what hypes usually go around at the store. Usually, I got bits and pieces of info from you. This morning, I finally ordered two dresses. One was the shirtdress which was on catalog, and it was freshcut this morning. The picture of shirtdress with bicycle got me. :D They are all out of smaller sizes. I had to order a size up. Fingers crossed.

    3. Marin County is across from Golden Gate Bridge. :) The weather is great here. :)

      I only got a t shirt and a home item, and didn't get anything else since I spent so much in October lol I will get back on Anthro Shopping when I can!!