Tuesday, November 10, 2015

OOTD is back!!

Soooo....... I've been shopping online.. and I had quite a lot of return in store today.

I was proud of myself for returning what I don't need, but I found some cute stuff in sale room and had to bring them home...

This is my OOTD

First Whisperings Dress (sim here and here)
See by Chloe bag (sim here and here)
Colorblock Boots by LeifNotes (Anthropologie) (sim here and here)

The vest........ this vest is soooooo cozy and soft and lovely and romantic and ooommmggg!!
If you can find one in your size, you should get it!! It's worth every penny!!!


  1. Yay! So happy to see your OOTD back! I love how you pair First Whispering Dress with fur trim grey sweater vest! First Whispering Dress is always stable from Anthro back then. Wish nowadays Anthro stays what it used to not following the trends like other stores. What did you find in sale's room? :P

    1. I share my OOTD on anthro community on FB too! It's fun there!
      More OOTD s coming including what I bought...lol