Thursday, December 3, 2015

Shopping with me :D

So, yesterday.. I went to Anthro with my husband. I TRIED to make him check out some home items for the new house. But he didn't like it... He's all.. "nope, they look like grandma stuff"


Fine, whatever.. so I started to just check out stuff in store but he made me leave within 5 minutes, so here's just quick shots.

I probably shouldn't post this Kaolin Wrap Cardigan $158 here since I don't want it to sell out before I reach my hands on it. lol
I found this online and it was so pretty! 
It's sold out online in most sizes but there were few in store. So if you live close to the store, you should check it out!!

Turtleneck Swing Dress $118 is one of the dresses I've been eyeing. 
The model shot online is so pretty. It's a simple dress you could probably find in other stores? but somehow, this looks so pretty. Why? probably the cut?

Did you know Anthro carries beauty products? 
I knew they had some, but I feel like they have more these days. I am usually too busy looking at clothes & bags in the store..  
Geo Soaprock $12 and Bouquet Bath Truffles $18 will be good gift. I kind of want to try Jardin D'Écrivains Eau De Parfum $150 though. I like the bottle and spray. It looks fancy. lol
Does anyone have any recommendation??

 Well, check this out! It's so pretty!! I want to try this beauty next time! It may be little too fancy but I love how simple it is, and the baby pink sash! I can't find it online!? Update: found it!! It's called Sumi Mockneck Gown $248

Just passing by, this Brenta Swing Dress $228 caught my eyes. 
It's too dressy for everyday, but I like the Twin Tassel Necklace $48!! 
I don't wear necklace that often,I wear scarves all the time... but I keep finding cute necklaces!! Maybe when it's warmer??

There is another dress I should try on. Tartan Surplice Dress $158 
I have similar dress, so I don't think I will get it but oh why.. is it so attractive?? It's so cute with belt in show window!!!

 Okay... goodbye Anthropologie until next time! I am gonna come back without him. lol


  1. Your hubby is like mine, has no interest of the entire store. Lol. He always couldn't wait to leave when we lived in Portland. Haha. I love Kaolin wrap Cardigan. It's so unique. Of course, I can never get my hands on it, since I don't live close to Anthro store. I STILL love the Turtleneck Swing Dress in turquoise. Again, so sad that petite sizes are gone. I will never get to even see it in person. Maybe a regular size will fit me? I'll bet Tartan Surprise Dress will look great on you. It's still a bit different from what you had before. Remembering the other dress that you have was out of stock even at original price. It's out of league for me, since I don't wear anything too long, as I have petite frame. You should try on Jardin D'Écrivains Eau De Parfum, and wear it around all day to see how it works on you. I used to be fanatic in perfume. I read about all different perfume houses, and noses who create perfumes. was my everyday go to read blog. Same perfume works differently on different body due to different chemistry in individual. All fragrance changes as they dry down, and works on different people. That's why it's best to try tester, and wearing around all day to see how you like it. :) Thank you for posting about your finds, even though it was short visit. I do truly appreciate living in a town without Anthro store!

    1. I forgot to try the perfume.. I used to like wearing perfume but after pregnancy, I just stopped. I just couldn't take any smell on me, I think. But it's been over 7 years! I wanna try something new!!

      And thank you for being my blog reader! I can keep this up because of you!

  2. Kyoko-san, do you know which brand makes the Kaolin Wrap Cardigan? So sad it's sold out online. -Rids

    1. oh weird.. online doesnt say brand name! I'll check next time!

  3. Ahhh I'm sorry I just checked your other reply and called you Kyoko again. I'm sorry, Keiko-san! T_T