Saturday, December 12, 2015

Anthro Weekend!! 25%off Full-Price Apparel, 30%off Sale Items, plus Free Shipping over $150!!!!! Review Boiled Wool Sweater Coat, Embroidered Flannel Tunic and Meleri Eyelet Tank

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!!
Christmas is almost here!!

And it's Anthro Weekend!!

Is this even possible?! 
 25%off Full-Price Apparel, 30%off Sale Items, plus Free Shipping over $150!!!!!

Anthro is going nuts!!

I said, I am broke already!! What are you doing to me!!!???

I am wearing size S, It's a bit big, but I'd say TTS because it's supposed to be oversized. I am 5'7" and have long arms, so if you are shorter you'll need petite size, otherwise, this will be HUGE!

I like how it's washable. The color, is, though.. much more brighter than it appears online or my photos. I don't think I'd buy this one for me.

On the other hand, this Embroidered Flannel Tunic $128 was a winner for me!! I am wearing size S. People say it runs big, I could probably wear XS too, but I liked the length of S, almost like a dress, so I am getting S. 

Fabric is thin gaze material, (it's doubled) so I wanted to make sure all the seems were right. Sometimes people try on and pull and these kind get easily holes at seams. To be safe, I ordered it online. (Hoping to get a brand new one in a pack) 

And this great find in the sale room. I found this online first, and went to search for it in store. 
This is such a pretty tank for layering!! In this photo, I am trying XSP, but later I got XS and fits perfect, and length is good too. So, I'd say, size down. 

The other day, I went to the store again. (Yes I am addicted again.)

This Acadie Tie-Neck Dress $148 aught my eyes first. It's a midi length, so I am not sure how it'd look on me. But it's cute! Maybe the bow tie detail is coming back in trend??

I never saw this online, but on hanger, it was cute! Online, not so much.
This looks more of a vintage Anthro I think!

There goes the Tie-Neck Swing Blouse $98
See! Tie neck again!! I own one gray tie neck blouse from Anthro somewhere in storage. I have to find it. I love how this top is high and low, too!

OMG! Do you normally feel things in store when you are checking around?
This Fleeced Cocoon Jacket $98, is soooooooooo soft!! I was just passing by, feeling the materials, and this was super soft that I had to even take picture of the care tag!! LOL
It's washable! Yes!!

And I had to find the name of the brand for Kaolin Wrap Cardigan $158 

I don't know why, but the site doesn't say the brand.

Here it is!!!

Right before I leave, I touched this striped top on the mannequin and it was wow again. SO SOFT! and cozy.. The jacket too.. I thought it was room wear? but I can not find them anywhere online. Can you?

But the pink/gray hoop?? scarf? what is this!? This is so cute!! and I want it! Do you see it online????

It was Friday. 

I have OOTD photo but I don't like it that much.

I didn't have time to steam my dress.
My tights I wanted to wear had a hole.
I was just exhausted after dropping off my daughter at school. 

Handmade Scarf (hoping to make something like this)
Ocala Shirtdress
LaceOverLeather Belt (sim here and here)
Brick Bond Tights
Pebbled & Primped Boots

I am glad it's weekend..

Did you buy anything with this promo???
I will share my haul sometime soon!!


  1. Keiko-san, thank you for checking the brand for me!

    Also, love the flannel tunic on you. So cute. I think the Acadie dress will look lovely on you! I'm unfortunately too short to pull off the midi style well ^^;

    Your OOTD looks great, like always!! -Rids

    1. Anytime!! And thank you for checking!! :)

  2. I have to agree that Embroidery Flannel Tunic really looks great on you! Lots of too over-sized clothes, so no go for me. I didn't get anything these few days from Anthro. I bought workout clothes instead with Athleta. Sigh. Can't spend too much, or my husband will hate me to death. Lol. Meleri Eyelet Tank also looks so cute on you! Great find in the sale room! I am super sad that Kaolin Wrap Cardigan is out of stock online in smaller sizes. Popular, Nice items are selling out fast even before they reach 50% cut. The pink scarf is really cute, and I tried to look online. I didn't come across anything close. Maybe I didn't look hard enough. Need to go back to do math with my son. Not fun. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

    1. we are having slow morning. Very relaxing.. :)
      I am gonna go check the store again today or tomorrow if I can!! LOL

    2. It's so not true right? I called customer service asking about any store that might carry Kaolin Wrap Cardigan. The rep. told me that it's completely sold out even at store?! Really?? That fast??! Not even any size left? seriously?

    3. It's pretty, but I am not that into it. I found a cute sweater coat from REI. I will write in the next post :)

  3. The closest I can find, but color doesn't look right.

    1. i know. I thought that was it too, but the one in store is more pink and different material, looks like. I really have to go see it...