Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Free People Sale on Sale!! and 20% off selected gifts Anthro!

Good Morning!!! OMG!

Can you believe Christmas is almost here!?

Now I have a new house... and I have been busy cleaning, fixing.. I do not have time for shopping anymore!! 

More like... I do not have money for shopping anymore!

Then, I woke up this morning with these..


My top picks from Free People Sale

My size is sold out.... darn it!!

I was checking this out the other day.. 

I bought this dress full price! Whaaaaaaaaat!? It's on sale and sale!?

This will be good with a lot of outfits!! I want!

Jennifer... here's another booties for 

Yeah, I was eyeing on this pretty blue dress. I don't think I own a blue dress?

I don't need anymore patterned dress, but this with this color...  very attractive!

Oh yes. I need this. I love vest! And this is great deal!! 

So... this is a cape? Or a cardi? Looks so cute!!

Another great deal bag. It's almost gone! Hurry!

I have similar bag from Anthro. But this is super cute!

OHHH NOOOOOO!! There are so many cute stuff!!!!

Did you buy anything?? Will you use this promo??


  1. It's always very busy when moving into new house. Not to mention you are moving during holiday season. Hope everything is working out well for you. I didn't order anything last few days online. What I want from FP are never on sale. :( No go for me. I am getting Anthro sweater orders shipped to my place one by one, but haven't really wowed me or anything. Will be returning them on boxing day first thing in morning to Houston. Will be driving 8 hours + to Houston on Christmas Day. I guess the line will be crazy there, so no shopping for me at Anthro store, just focus on returning. Will need to join the returning traffic. Sigh. The problem of living in a small town. :( Shopping online is really different from actual seeing things in person. A lot of them turned out not what I imagined. Super bummed. Hope you and your loved ones will have wonderful Christmas!

    1. thank you! Wish you a wonderful Christmas to you, too!!

      We are leaving the condo sometime next week, and put everything in the storage. We will be living in a hotel until the house is ready!! (carpetting and painting will take a while) I am excited about living in a hotel again. There will be a warm water pool... I may be able to post while I am there!! We shall see!!

      I am done shopping for a while... At least I pay out my bill. lol

    2. and wow 8 hours + driving!!?? That's cray cray!! Drive safe!!!