Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Need Boots??

Good morning!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!

3 more school days and vacation is gonna come!! Yay!! Can't wait!! 

So, I have been wanting a new pair of gray boots. 
Most of my pairs are from Anthropologie. I love their quality, unique design boots. 
So, as usual, I was checking what they have. 

And I found the Naya Fjord Hidden Wedge Boots $249 ($186.75 today!)

I can't do super high heels, so these are perfect!! (I don't normally like suede boots but well, these might be okay)


Oh why... my sizes are sold out.... and bunch of other sizes are gone! Oh why....

Naya is supposed to be super comfy, so yeah. I guess everyone wanted them. 


Did you give up?


Guess what!?

I found them. In other stores!!

This is a special secret I am sharing with my blog readers. hehe

Amazon offer's are only temporary I bet..
Well, it could be cheaper or more depending on your size, but you should definitely check Amazon right now!!

And here's some of my OOTDs

I am wearing the Meleri Eyelet Tank $128 $39.95 under FP sweater in the first photo. All the other stuffs are mostly older Anthro. :) 

Happy Shopping!!! 


  1. That's great find on the Naya boots! Awesome deal with Amazon, of course. I am still craving for Over Knee Boots. Besides returning the Splendid OTK boots back to Anthro, I haven't plunged into another pair. The other pair that you suggested is nice, but I am still hoping for sale. :P Meleri Eyelet Tank is super cute on you. I wish I am tall to be able to pull it off like you. Normally, I should be excited that there are only two school day early mornings left in this year. I need to make dishes for hubby's work's Christmas party on Friday. Not fun. Mostly people bring in homemade food, and their best dishes. I have to get busy, but still sitting my butt in front of computer! Haha.

    1. Oh the tank comes in petite too!! and it's cute!!
      I know.. I am excited about vacation but that means no online only!! Maybe I will sneak out again! hee hee

      Good luck with your party!!!