Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I was going to make myself happy today. To go to Anthro.. 
I was gonna go yesterday but my daughter didn't go to school, I didn't get to. 

I got caught by my husband..

I guess I have to go get car registration sticker from AAA for MY car.. so yeah. I can't say no.

I was so ready to leave..

Shawled Wool Sweatercoat (sim here and here)
 Plush Stole (sim here and here)
 Belt Loop Cowboy Boots (sim here and here)

Hopefully, I can go later...



  1. Hopefully, you can make it to Anthro, or tomorrow? :P Next time, just call AAA to send you sticker in mail, so you won't need to go show up at AAA office. You must look so nice at AAA office today though, since I love your dress!! Don't think it will look as nice on me. My face is getting too old. I have obasan face already. Sigh. Too much all nighters watching Korean and Japanese dramas. Haha.

    1. LOL I look obasan too. :P But I go to bed early and wake up early.. I can't stay up all night anymore!! I'd be a zombie! lol
      I had to go to Costco, after AAA. ell, he had AAA send the sticker but since we moved so much, its lost somewhere.. that's why we had to go..

      BUT, I did go to Anthro after I came home!! yay!