Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rain Rain Go Away... OOTD


I know we NEED rain..

When I sing "rain rain go away.." my daughter says, "NO MOM, we need rain!! We won't have water to drink when it doesn't rain!"

Yeah, whatever..

I don't like rain because I can't go anywhere!!!!!!!!! I get wet!! I don't like to get wet! It ruins my boots and bags... and clothes...


Well, I know. I sound ridiculous. My husband always tells me that.

It's just an honest opinion.

So, this is my outfit of the day.

Noon & Night dress (sim here and here)
Dusk Garden Cord Blazer (sim here )
Eddie Bauer Yellow Scarf (sim here and here)
Mila Booties (buy exact for sale! here or here)

I tried on necklace instead of scarf, but it was too fancy..

I am not going anywhere. Just staying in until I go pick up my daughter.

I wish I had black scarf or burgundy scarf. Maybe they are in the storage.. I just can't wait to have everything..

So, instead, I put this mustard yellow scarf.  I guess it's okay since the jacket has both colors, right??

Anyways, this outfit cheered me up a little. Aaand I see the Sunshine through the window!! YES!!


  1. Good thing that you didn't move to Portland, OR then! Portland's weather is a lot like Seattle's, lots of gloomy weather in winter. It used to drizzle on and off in damp weather all the time, till our last few years of stay, it started to rain heavier. I ended up wearing waterproof down feather jacket almost everyday. Wool socks and under layers were what I reached most of winter days. Lol. Surprisingly, nowadays, our weather at the Gulf Coast is still at 70s, and sunny almost everyday! I am nowhere near coats. I think the mustard yellow scarf adds nice touch to the whole outfit, actually. :)

    1. hehe i know! i'd probably never leave the house in winter if I lived in Portland. Or.. I'd be wearing REI gear everyday. lol

      Glad we live in Marin County!