Friday, December 11, 2015

Shop w me Sundance

Does any of you shop at Sundance

The other day, I was at the mall, 3 minutes away from Anthropologie.. I had to wait for my husband and my daughter checking out MAC. I found a cute clothing store in front of it and it was called Sundance. 

Well, I've seen it, and went through it before. I just never bought anything. They have cute cowboy boots too!!

But the price... was why oh why!? They are expensive!! 

So, I just took pictures of what I saw. Things that I thought they are cute.

Biancabella Coat $268 Too busy for me, but it is darn cute.

This came in two colors. Black and Orange. I don't know why this store sells so many heavy coats!? in CA!? 

This is pretty too. Check out this model shot!!

Just because I wanted to talk about their stuff on my blog, I went to the website and look what I found!!!

What's their sale cycle?? Do they ever have sale? I might want this coat!!

I didn't see this in store. Maybe it was hiding somewhere?? I need to go check again!!

Moving on.. They have some cute dresses and tops too!

 Benevolence Dress $378 and the right one, I couldn't find. 

Holy cow! I found a super cute top I want!!

umm... I can't find it online. but I remember it was expensive.

Made me think Anthro isn't that expensive. lol

But looking through their site, they do have some super cute stuff!!!!!!!!
You should take a look :)

And drooling over their boots!!!


  1. I've never heard of this store before! Is it based in CA, I wonder? I like the style! (But not quite the prices, aha.) I also wonder how the fit runs. I hope you go back there soon ahaha.

    1. I thought this is based in mid west? since it has cowboy boots? lol
      I'll try on some stuff next time I'm around!

  2. Nice stuff! I cannot with those prices, though. You're right. It makes Anthropologie seem cheap.

    1. hi Patrice! Welcome! I know, right!? It made me think there r so many rich people out there. lol

      At least Anthro has great sales and generous customer service!
      This store has such pretty stuff, I need to find out their sales and such... I'll let you know when I know!!

  3. I used to get Sundance's catalog in mail when I lived in Portland for many years, and Garnet Hill's catalog, too. Their items have similar tastes to Anthro, and I kept assuming that I received them in mail was due to the fact that I subscribed to Anthro's maillist! After I moved to SE, I stopped receiving them. They probably send catalogs to specific cities! I also love Sundance's jewelry. Their jewelry are handmade and unique. I used to get crazy buying beads at beading stores wanting to make earrings. Lol. They don't have as many renewing inventory cycles as Anthro, so you will be looking at sales usually after coming of another season. Plus, a lot of time, their sales' discounts aren't as much as Anthro's (half off). As a result, I used to drool over their catalogs, and that was end of it (I lost patience at the end waiting for sale). The company might had changed since I moved (almost 4 years)! Surprised that they even have retail stores now! Thank you for sharing your finds Keiko!

    1. I know! I used to get the catalog before I moved around. but it's too pricey and didn't know the quality to try. now I know I can check out items in store! I'll let you know when I get to try on something!!

    2. I did find this coupon code, EM25SB It's 25% off on order $100 and above. It works for regular and outlet items. Hope it works. The code expires tomorrow!

    3. awesome! But I am too broke! lol I feel like I am always broke..