Sunday, February 28, 2016

Did I disappear??

Wow, it's been 2 months since the last post!! I am so sorry for not updating for a long time!!!

Did I even mention that I will be away???

Did I even told you we bought a house?????

I hope I did.

Anyways, yes. we bought a house, and moved in!! I have been super busy with moving, cleaning and organizing!!! (Plus I was busy FBing..., this Anthropologie group I am in on FB is really fun...)

It is 6 in the morning, and I just took pictures of my closet, wanted to share how I organize, then realized my SD card wasn't in... It's been stuck on this laptop this whole time... darn it...

I hope to share it some other time :) It's still messy a little anyways. I am not 100% satisfied yet!

I do have some photos of my outfits that I can share, though!!

My heavy cleaning time is over.. and I can finally dress myself in decent clothes!!!  oh yeah, I should share my tile before OOTD photos!

 before                                             after


I used foam bleach, and scrub scrub scrub with a grout sponge on my knee...and scrub scrub scrub with a regular sponge on my knee.... and wipe wipe wipe with a cloth on my knee.... and even more... on my knee.............. yes, I hurt my knee from this lol

But I am so happy that germs from last owner (they had two huge dogs in the house) is gone!!

I have photos of my daughter's closet.

Kids clothes are short, and felt like closet needs some fixing...

These are before pictures..

This garment rack was out of closet... Her clothes won't fit in closet!! and it's ugly to have this in the room!!

And these... I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond!

Awesome. They all fit in closet!!
I still had to get a drawer for her underwears and leggings though.


OKAY!! Moving to outfits!

 Eberjey Castaway Cover-Up (sim here and here)
Boucle Weave Cardi (Gift from Rupa!)
Free People Low Rise Slit Flare
Tanaquil Medallion Pendant Necklace (sim here and here)

Chapala Poncho
Saddleseat Boots

 Free People Flower Power Cardi (sim here and here)
Cissus Button-Up, Gingham
Tomato Picking Skirt
Trinket Flats, Bow (sim here)
Spangled Scarf

 J Crew Jacquard Polka Dot Popover
Scarlet Swing Skirt (sim here)
Bow Buckle Flats

Oh, and this.. is my daughter's toy room. It looked like this when I started to organize..
Those clear cube boxes and the shelves, you can buy at Target!! (I recommend you to order online if you need many) And shelves comes in different sizes, like 6 cubes, 9 cubes...

 Maia Column Dress
Night Shade Top (sim here and here)
Belt Loop Cowboy Boots

Belt Loop Cowboy Boots

I had to write something on the photo because Ive seen my photos on ebay, posh.....
NO!!! No more stealing!!