Friday, March 18, 2016

Anthro day tomorrow? Well, Free People 25% extra on sale already! AND Reviews!!!

OMG! It's finally Friday!! It was a looooong week... Maybe because of the Day Time Saving? I mean.. that thing mess things up...

Anyways, I am glad it's Friday!

So..  I check FP site every morning, and I found they are offering extra 25% off sale staring today!

Good thing.. I can get PA!! I ordered these boots last week. And a dress. They are on the way, so I am not sure how they'd look like, but I am pretty excited!!

Free People actually carry more dresses that I am eyeing over Anthroplogie right now. 
They offer Free Shipping over $150, and I have a store nearby, so it's pretty convenient for me!!

I was checking through the sale.. and found these beauty...
There is only one size left... I wish they had my size on these boots..

GOOD NEWS!! I found these beauties on full price here! I am gonna stalk them for sale!

Did you hear about Anthro Day news? People are saying there will be 20% off everything. I think last Anthro Day was 15% off everything. We shall see what's gonna happen tomorrow!!! I hope they will offer Free Shipping with it, though... There are few dresses I want to order, if they have 20% AND Free Shipping. lol

I am planning to buy this perfume tomorrow. I've wanted it for a loooong time... but never really had a chance because I always spend the money on clothes.. I know... it's sold out online.. It went sold out last time I posted it on my blog.. lol but there are two left in my store!!! 

Last time I went to Anthro, I tried on some dresses, and jackets.
I had to drag Rachel out of bed for that!! <3 I went to Starbucks, getting ready to go into the

I am going to get couple PA tomorrow, if the 20% is real!! Fingers crossed!!

This dress run small for me, I sized up to 4. I tried both sizes 2 and 4, and I liked the fit of size 4. 
It comes with slip, but the most dresses in the sale room didn't have slips anymore... It's a cute dress. I almost bought it, but I put it back because I don't love it. It's too girly for my taste. And check this picture down below.

Hope you can see it. The detail is pretty, but it started to pill already. Most of the dresses on the sale rack had worse pilling than this, If I get a dress, I don't want it to last for one year. I need it to last for along time.. Anthro.. you are not F21..

So, I passed.

But it IS a pretty dress!!!

 Next is.. Knit Field Jacket $158 by Marrakech
Oh my!! It's an Online Only item but I found it in my store, I had to try it on. (I had it in my wishlist already.. It comes in greenish beige color too, but the color way is sold out.. sad..)

I hope I can get PA for this. This is MUST HAVE!!! I didn't buy it on the day, but I went in the next day, and brought it home!

 Okay, the fit.. I am wearing size S in this one. I could probably size down, but I like the length and there is little space for layer. It's PERFECT!!
I bought another Marrakech Jacket that Rachel showed me on that day. 

This, I had to order my normal size S from store. If she didn't buy this and  mention it, I would't have noticed it. It doesn't look so special until you try it on!!! I LOVED the back detail. 
I think this brand is pretty awesome!!

I am wearing my normal size S. I could probably size down, but length wise, I like S and this was the last one in store. 
I was going to get the Arcata Patchwork Dress or this, and I decided to take this home. 
It's pretty.. but.. it wasn't love for me, so I returned it.. You'd find something like this everywhere in Japan. So maybe that's one of the reason I don't love. 
I love something that is unique, but pretty, and can wear it even when I am super old.. 
Plus, little too fancy to wear with my daughter around. 
But maybe if it's $40... hmmm nah, maybe not.

This is another "Japan-ish" dress. But I liked it. It fits perfect, I am wearing size S, it's comfy and I can see myself playing with my daughter in it. I will most likely buy this when it's on sale. :)

I used to own a dress in the same color, and I loved it, so I had to try this on. But I don't like the lace detail.. I am wearing size S, fits TTS but the length? something was off.. Pass..

MEH 100%.. I don't like how the shoulder looks. I didn't check if it was padded? Maybe I am wearing a wrong dress with it. or wrong size. I grabbed S I think. I could easily go down. Anyways, I don't love this. so, PASS.

There are couple online order items from Anthro that I am receiving pretty soon. 
I will try to make time to post it when I receive them!!

Oh wow... I didn't take any OOTD this week.. Maybe because I was too busy building IKEA furniture! LOL 

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Thank you for all the reviews from Anthro store! I have to say Rachel is the best shopping buddy! Knit Field Jacket looks really nice on you. I hope you get to PA tomorrow! Costa Maya Swingdress is something that's not as unique, plus it piles so easily, so yeah, I would not get it. I do love Coal Tall Boots! The details are so awesome. I hope you get to lay your hands on them eventually! I can't wait to see Modern Kimono Dress on you. It's so beautiful. I wish I am tall enough to pull it off. I hope the perfume will work out for you. You've been talking about it before Christmas I think. :) Melita Draped Jacket is so not like online picture. I have so many failed purchases due to awesome online pictures. Lol. Glad you get to share, so I won't be paying my attention to it anymore. Villanelle Lace Dress is obviously too long for me, and I don't like the yellow. My skin is yellowish enough. I will end up mustard all over. haha. Have you seen High Noon Tall Boots from FP? It looks so awesome. I already bought OTK boots from Anthro though. Can't spend on another pair. Hope you get to have great weekend. I so can't wait for spring break to come. Another week to go for us before spring break. The commute of driving my son to school everyday is not fun. I get to spend at least half hour each way in traffic. Sigh.

    1. Julia, yeah. I had checked the High Noon Tall Boots, but I skipped them. I have too many OTK boots and I don't wear them as much as others.. The boots are so cute though!!
      I really hope I can get PA for all the orders.. I've already spent too much this month.. even spent for the next month budget already lol

    2. Hope you got everything PAed today, and got the perfume. It is hard to keep track of spendings when there are sales coming by that we have no control of! I went to New Orleans today. The traffic was really bad. Chain reck on freeway close to NO city limit. Sale room was sad, but at least I got to return my many failed online purchases. Shopping is not fun when live in a small town, BUT I did buy many final sale pieces from Lululemon and Athleta. I wear them everyday, so they are worse every penny. Lol.

    3. yup!! I got all the PAs!!! My previous purchase in store, I didn't have the receipt but one of my fav manager in my local store looked everything up and did PA! S,o, the perfume went super cheap! I also purchased some dresses on FP.. I think I can't shop again til May.. lol
      New orleans! I wanna go there one day... to have Cafe Du Monde.. I used to work at a store in Japan when I was young. Yup, the store is in Japan too!!

    4. So happy that you got PAs with all your recent purchases! The SA at New Orleans yesterday was super friendly and patience. I was so thankful that she even took in a skirt that I bought back in Portland, and the receipt was so faded!! I am so curious of your FP' new dresses!! They have lots of beautiful sale items that I am drooling over. You and Rachel need to come visit New Orleans! Too funny that even Japan has Cafe Du Monde!! Their beignets are the best. We went to mall in Metarie, which is a suburban city nearby downtown NO. After having big lunch at Cheesecake Factory, I still wanted the beignets. Was super bummed to see the long line at the mall's cafe, probably due to springbreak. Oh well, there's always next time.

    5. ahhh Beignets! yum yum!! I have to have it when I go back to Japan.. but I don't think the store I worked is still there.. over 10..15.. years ago? LOL
      I received the dress yesterday. It's little heavier than I thought.. and the white isn't good... I was just gonna go return but i guess I will take pic on me and post it for u <3

    6. Too bad that the dress didn't work. It looks like a great piece on model photo though. Sigh. Shopping online is just way different from seeing actual things in person. There's Nordsfrom triple reward points these few days. I just dropped bomb on my spending this morning. Lol. I am ordering couple of light skinny jeans to try. Want to have a pair of distressed jeans. I also bought cosmetics, a pair of heels, another pair of Van's sneakers, and am looking at dresses. Not good for my wallet...:(

    7. It's pretty.. I might get it on sale, though... maybe blue version?? I am gonna write review now!!

  2. Thanks for the reviews!!!! I got the knit field jacket yesterday after stalking it for several months. It is awesome!! I can't wait to see you style it!

    1. I know!! It should go on sale pretty soon!! <3 <3