Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Boots! Boots! BOOTS!

So... I sold couple of my favorite boots this month...

And... I bought more boots... this month..

What am I doing...

Well, at least I bought boots with no heels!!

First pair is.. A.S.98 Jaq Boot from Free People. OMG, look at them! They are gooooorgeous!!!
Love love love them!! I got the green color but there are black ones available for few sizes!

I ordered size 38, I am a true size 8. They fit. but I feel like they are little narrow. I can't wear thick socks with these. I should probably get 39 if I ever see a black pop back in my size..lol

Next two pairs.. Bed Stu Gogo Boots are from Anthropologie. I think they are sold out now but you might find them pop back sometime!!  In fact there are size 7 in brown available!

See the buckles?? Black one comes over the zipper.. and brown doesn't.. Black ones might be defect.. but my feet can fit in there, so I didn't care... If you bought a pair... let me know how yours look like!

I got these in size 8, and they are TTS. I can wear decent socks and pretty comfy!

Guess what, though!! I found the boots in other sites!!

Zappos for $260 in three colors!! And Nordstrom has Black for $$274.95 and Brown for $211.10


before I publish this post... I need to warn you...

These Bed Stu boots......................


STRONG Leather PAINT smell!!

I've been keeping these in my trunk. LOL If I take them out in the sun for couple days, I think they will be okay, but it's been raining here a lot, so I hadn't had chance yet..

So, be warned..


  1. A.S. 98 Jag Boots look awesome!I better not buy more boots though. I ended up buying Lien.Do. Toro Lace-back Boots when they went on sale. I never had chance to wear them since they arrived. Weather has been in 70s almost everyday here in the Gulf, so no way that I get to wear boots. I wear Vans sneakers daily. I am just sloppy and lazy to dress up everyday. So terrible. Thanks for sharing your boots finds though! By the way, I always spray my new pair of boots with Frye's Allweafher spray to weather proof my new boots. Basically, I don't need to worry about wearing them in rain, since it adds protectant layer on the leather. Plus, by spraying, leather gets to be sealed, so shouldn't be giving out so much smell afterward.

    1. Ohhh so maybe I should spray the leather!! I have used leather coating thingy on other boots before, but haven't done any with new ones yet. But it's been rainy and moisture and I am afraid it may not dry quick enough... Rain Rain go away.. and yeah, I am done buying boots for the year...lol

  2. Keiko, I love all your reviews and posts and so happy I can comment again using "anon". Lol. You have such great style!! Can you tell me what size you bought in the AG Pixie Cord dress? And also can you remind me how tall you are? Thank you in advance for your help! Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa!! I know.. I set to open until some spam comment... lol then I put it back after a while.. so keep trying! lol

      I am 5'7" and the dress was.. S!

    2. Thanks Keiko. Maybe the dress will be too short on me since I'm 5'10". Also not sure if I should get M or L, and I think only L is available. Bummer. It does look great on you! Lisa

    3. thank you!! Yeah.. it may be too short on you :( I am usually 2 in dresses and S.. If you have bigger boobs, you should size up!

  3. Love those Jaq boots!! But they're nearly sold out. I spotted those in the fall, but they're so pricey.
    Uh oh, I found the company's website. I'm in trouble...

    1. lol You can find them on amazon too!! They are awesome!! I am gonna check their site too....