Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Free People Modern Kimono Dress Review

Well... I didn't love it.

This is the Modern Kimono Dress $168 that I am talking about.
First of all, the dress was a bit heavy. And I do not have enough boobs.... lol

I could probably wear a tank or something under... The dress is thick enough, so I don't think you'd need a slip, but if you prefer the white, and wear black underwear... hmm you might wanna consider a slip lol

I ordered size 6, as the model in the pic is wearing size 6. I am size 2 in Anthro dresses.
I always order the size models on the pic is wearing.

And it looked like this on me.

Little bit of a night wear like.... Maybe it doesn't look good on Asian skin?? I love the model shot though.

I may buy the blue one when it hits sale. I am gonna go check the blue one in store when I return this one!!

Here is the close up photos of the dress!

It's just prints... If this dress was from Anthro, there would be some sequins or beads or something.. You know what I mean??

There is a good news about this dress, though!!

I found out that this dress is sold everywhere!!

BloomingdaleZappos, SouthMoonUnder (They are on sale on this site, but I never purchased anything on this site.. or never heard of it before..)
Macy's, Nordstrom, ShopBop, and Sak's Fifth Avenue...

You know what that means?

They will more likely go on sale. So... I will wait!!!

Plus, I spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than I should spend this month... I should be good till my birthday month!! Yippie!!!


  1. The style of the dress is really cute. I was thinking what if you size down? It looks fitted on FP's model shot, but looks baggy on Nordstrom's model shot wearing blue (whereas Nordstrom's model shot wearing white seems to be better fitted). Looks like more of sizing issue to me. The length looks perfect on you! Good thing that many stores carry it. You can actually call Nordstrom to do price match. Tell them that SouthMoonUnder has the same thing, and it's on sale! Good thing with Nordstrom is that it's free shipping/return!!

    1. Maybe I will try one size down in store! But.. there is no stretch to fabric, and waist is fitting perfect... I just dont have enough boobs!! LOL I will let you know if I try on the blue!!

  2. Hopefully, smaller size will work. If not, there will always be something else to like! 😊

    1. Hope so.. but I probably cant zip all the way up if I size I forgot that

  3. Thanks so much for this review! I didn't realize it was sold in so many places until I read this so I was able to try the blue version at Nordies today. They didn't have my size (2) so I had to size down to a zero. It was almost perfect but (1) I couldn't get the zipper up which I assumed could be rectified by ordering my correct size. However (2) the deal breaker was the bust area. Way to much fabric there even in the smaller size. Now I see why the model has her hands above her head. I imagine this item will definitely make it to sale due to poor reviews. If it had some embroidery or beading as you stated, I would buy and get it altered. But as is - I will sadly have to pass.

    1. right!? the detail isnt fancy enough for Anthro lovers.. lol