Saturday, March 12, 2016

Happy Weekend!!

Wow, I woke up this morning and was going to stay in bed... but I got up..


Because I wanted to order some bras on Victorias Secret. LOL

I am obsessed with their front hook Very Sexy line. I have blue, black, green, wine, more black, pink, etc... but I don't have beige!!!! I think they don't normally make beige because the whole point of those bras are so it'd look cool if the back shows. (They are also called strappy bras) But for me, I like the front hook. They keep my tiny boobs in bras and makes them look nice!


I finally found it. They are online now. 

I've been trying to go check out the store but something always comes up, and I never had a chance to go. So, I am just going to order online! Why not, right!??  

They are running Very Sexy event right now. Some of the line is cheaper through this Sunday! YAY!!

Where do you buy bras?? I started with VS when I moved to the states. (I thought that's the only place you can buy bras in the states) But I found some other places, and tried them. I never tried Nordstrom, I heard they are good. And I came back to VS, and now I am settled. 

This week, I was feeling pretty lazy. Maybe because of the rain... gah, I hate rainy days!!! so..... BORiNG!!!

 Double Breasted Shirt Dress (sim here and here)
Free People Malena Rider Boot by Pour La Victoire
Reflected Buckle Belt (sim here)
Diamondknit Infinity Scarf (sim here)
Uniqlo Heat Tech Black Tee (sim here and here)

The funny thing about this outfit was... that I was trying to sell this dress. And nobody really wanted it, so I just gave it another chance.. and I love it!!!! I think I just needed to learn how to layer this dress. I am thinking, maybe denim shirt next time. I will see what I can do!!! 

Tie-Back Tank
Crumpled Placket Cardi (sim here and here)
Cropped Crepe Wide-Legs (sim here and here)
Jeweled Cocoon Necklace

I bought this tank from someone on FB!! And the necklace is from my beautiful friend, Linda <3 Thank you!!

I just realized... well, the most of the things I am wearing is from last year, or older from Anthro. But I can find super similar items that are in store now!!  

This is the reason I haven't bought new arrivals lately. They need to bring something interesting, not something similar!!! I don't need 10 similar dresses!!!!!!!!!!

Something unique, but something I can wear for years, not just trendy stuff... 

Am I asking too much!??


  1. I love the very top right VS bra's back design. It reminds me of FP's. I wanted FP's so bad, but never splurged, since I am super flat chested. Lol. It's worse after breastfeeding, and getting older. Sigh. :( Not fun when aging... I wear VS's Bombshell design even though I hate the name. I am so flat chested that only Bombshell makes me look normal. I also get the line's swimming outfit. Otherwise, I look like a preteen girl.. Would love to know if any other brand on market that offers similar concept. I hate to shop at VS stores when there are men (unaccompanied by ladies) around. Also hate to carry their shopping bags. I always asked them not to bag my purchase, but they always refused, since the store policy required them to bag items. I like Anthro allowing us to avoid shopping bags in being environmental conscious. Definitely prefer to shop online, but hate shipping fee. You did a great job styling Double Breasted Shirt Dress! It's so cute, and very you. Can't wait to see your next creation with the dress! I am with you about Anthro's recent clothing trend. The majority of clothes that I recently purchase from Anthro online will be going back to store. Disappointed. Maybe my brain is stuck with the old trend, in more whimsical styles.

    1. Julia, You should totally check out online!! Sometimes they offer free shipping, and their clearance has some nice things that you can't find in store!! I went to store yesterday after ordering two bras online, but they didn't have what I ordered. So, that's good. I just got free panties with their coupon. lol

    2. Thanks for the suggestion, will do that! :)

  2. I wish I had a smaller chest but unfortunately, not even close. T_T I'm between 34E and 34F. I buy my bras at Intimacy and also from Nordstrom, when they have a good sale. But online only because my size usually isn't in store. I buy online sometimes from other stores but I prefer going to Intimacy stores in person because the ladies there really know about...umm...chests? XD When they have their sales, stuff goes to 70% off so if you can find something in your size then, it's a steal since usually their bras are really expensive. >_<

    1. yeah I love the sale! I almost never buy bras without sale lol and all the Free Panties that Victoria's Secret give out... It's so nice lol
      When I was breast feeding, I had some boobs... lol and when I run, they bounced.. and it was a new feeling for me that time lol and when I look down, boobs were in my sight... but no more of those time.. Maybe we could mix ours and divide!! lol