Saturday, March 5, 2016

I am not good at naming title.. but here are some reviews..

Howdy! How was your week?? I can't believe it's been a week since the last post!! Time flies!!

I finally got to go to Anthro, and tried on some cuties!!

The sale room was almost empty. And new arrivals, ummm there wasn't anything that "OMG, I have to have!" dress. Last year, or couple years ago, there were so many of those.. My husband says I have enough clothes, and don't need any more. Is that why??

NO girls have enough dresses!!

Come on, Anthro!! I am waiting!!!

Welp... This caught my eye, though. This kimono. Detail was so pretty, and it has arm holes!! LOL (Last kimono I ordered online, it was just a scarf.. it was called Kimono but, no armholes.. just put it over shoulders... really??  I returned it.. Don't name a scarf kimono and charge so much!!!!!!!

It comes in one size, but they do have petite online! 
I am trying the regular one, length is perfect for me, 5'7". 
It's creamy white, and embroidered, so I might just have to buy it full price, before people ruin it!!

 and... yay! for washable!!

 Here is the popular Marlee Bib Tee $88
I am wearing S. I think I could go with XS. I wish this was a dress... It would have been so cute!
Fabric is soft, but not thin. amazing detail. I almost bought it, but decided to wait for sale. 
It is a bit too "girly" for me. 
I had to have my friend Rachel help me decide, though! Thank you, girl!! 
And soon, she will show up on this blog!! (Right, Rachel!?)

Back of the neck has two buttons and yes, washable, baby!!

 I decided not to look at tops or skirts a while ago. 
There are so many things I have to buy if you look everything, you know... 
I just stick to dress only!!!

BUT... sometimes, there are exceptions. I just found this tee on a hanger. I just had to buy it. 

I am wearing size M. (I normally wear size 2, S) 
SUper soft and light weight. I believe it's TTS but this was the last one they had, and I like the loose fit on me, so I brought it home!

 I finally tried on the Arcata Patchwork Dress $148
I am wearing size S, believe it's TTS. It is cute, but I am trying to avoid prints. My closet is full of prints!! (Thanks Anthro!) And it's already hot in CA, so I am going to wait for the sale. This should be on sale already!! 
Love the stings on the chest,though. I see this thing everywhere this season! 
I MUST have one, at least, right!?

 And the last thing I tried on, was.. Drawstring Midi Shirtdress $138
I am wearing size 2, feel like TTS. It's little meh, for me. I like it though, maybe I need a belt with it?
It looked like I am in pj.. It is comfy, though! will wait for sale, then I will consider! lol

I am little lost here...  I find more "LOVE" items in Free People than Anthropologie these days... 
It is nice that they have extra % off every other week.. but it's little too much!! Please WOW me with some amazing clothes like you used to!!!!

Right before I checked out, I found some gorgeous jewelry.. that I MUST buy.  
Oh but I am not buying at full price. I learned they go on sale eventually. LOL, sorry but I am not buying them full price, Anthropologie. I can wait for your sale. :P

These are so cute!! Bracelets are must for summer!!! They come in three different colors. I want the green and blue!! <3

And check out these pretty earrings! I think I am done with huge ones. I want ones that I can wear daily! I added these in my wishlist!!

It's time for my recent outfits!!

gah... I have to add my name on them.. be right back.... 

here, they are!!! (this is annoying!)

 Alexa Chung for AG Pixie Cord Shirtdress 
(Sold out Anthro but found other stores! here, here and sim here!)
High-Tied Knee Boots (sim here)
Spotted Satchel

 Colima Maxi Skirt (sim here)
Inner Art Denim Jacket (sim here and here)
Malena Rider Boot
J Crew Necklace

Over The Moon Booties (sim here and here)
Neroli Scarf (sim here and here)

Puckered Plaid Trench
Colorblocked Boots

After re organizing my closet, and clearing things that I don't wear, I am starting to realize what I should buy, and what I should not buy. 

I've spent so much money on something I don't need. Just because they are good deal, or pretty.. NO, don't waste money on those!! Save the money for what I really love!
You should do that too!!

Anthro Addicts must have shopping rules, otherwise, you will lose everything at the end!!!

What is your style these days? Do you have any rules for your shopping?? Do you have any MUST HAVE that I am missing out??? 


  1. Love it, Keiko! You have a great eye! (and I managed to find a green skirt, yippee! :) ) I get to shop vicariously through you.

    1. :) Glad to hear that!! Let's shop smart!! :D

  2. Yes!!! I will be good.. And I will shyly share some favs one of these days xo

  3. Thank you so much to do store reviews! I so appreciate, since shopping online is frustrating (very very...), and way different from shopping at store. Was busy today, first vacuuming and mopping floor took me whole morning, since I don't even want one tiny hair on floor. Then a friend dropped by, ended up dragging me to have lunch at restaurant. Came home helping hubby fixing our kitchen faucet, and laundry. Such a treat now to just sit down and read your store reviews. :) I really like Sungarden tee on you. It looks chic and effortless, but it doesn't seem to be the same color as the online picture. Probably they will have more color variations online later, as they always do. The detail of the Kimono is amazing, but I am not sure if I can keep it in shape after running errands with kids though. It looks really delicate. I like the design of patchwork dress, but don't think that I can pull off the pattern. Love all your jewelry finds! I think a friend of mine will love to have as birthday present! Man, I love AG Pixie Cord Shirtdress on your OOTD. I used to own a similar cord shirtdress, but decided to throw it away, since it was "out of style". So regretful now. The spotted satchel adds great touch! You are so good at styling! Yes, I would definitely love to see Rachel's postings on your blog, too! :) As my everyday outfits go, I cling to workout outfits mostly, even when I am baking. Ha ha.

    1. I kept thinking, maybe I should return the cord dress... but it is actually statement dress that I can just wear it, and then done!! You should totally get a new one like this again!! Fashion cycles around!!!

    2. I mean fashion trend cycles! does that make sense!?

  4. Love your reviews and you speak wise words. I do love that midi shirtdress on you. It has a sophisticated look to it. I'm short so I don't think I could pull it off, but it looks wonderful on you!

    1. Thank you!! Do I use wise words?? That is a huge compliment for me!! I don't know difficult words.. and I stopped studying English long time ago. lol so I am super lazy!! I would love to sound wise!

  5. Yayyy love your style, Keiko-san! I think the patchwork print dress looks really cute on you. I know what you mean though, I have too many prints too!

    1. Ive been avoiding prints but I think I am getting more prints these days....