Monday, April 25, 2016

Free Shipping and 25% off sale!

Happy Monday, ladies!

I was hoping for a new markdown, but instead, they are offering free shipping!!

Well, that works too, I guess..

These are what I ordered!!

 Cirque Swing Dress $178 I ordered XS and S.. Let's see which fit me better!!

 I've been eyeing on this Raya Kimono $118... I think this is my favorite kimono they have in store now!

And this Tropica Romper $128... I was lucky to find a popback!! Hope it fits!!

What did you get?? or what are you getting??

I was going to the store this morning but my daughter decided to stay home from school... so no Anthro for me... They better have extra 25% off tomorrow!!

Latest OOTDs!

Have a wonderful week!!! What am I gonna wear today!?

I am waiting for your OOTD pictures!! <3


  1. I am excited of what you are ordering today with Anthro! The kimono's design on back is awesome, and I never noticed that before! I also love the print of Cirque Swing Dress. Too bad that almost nothing left on the sale section online, otherwise, it's 25% off additional. I am getting pants to wear for summer. Too many mosquitoes around in this area, and I don't like to keep on repellent spray every single day. It will be close to 100F in temperature, and I need thin long pants to get covered up. If you see cute printed or pattern long pants also somewhere else at other stores, please let me know!! I already looked through Ann Taylor Loft, since that's the only few stores that we have in town, and I can return back to store without paying for returning shipping. It's hard to order online just based on guessing the material. Too thick fabric will definitely drive me crazy. Lol. Your daughter just decided to stay at home today? Not in the mood for school? :P Well, fingers crossed that Anthro has better deal tomorrow, and you can make it to store when she goes to school!

    1. haha yeah, she said she didn't want to go to school last night.. and this morning, she was set that way although I made her lunch and woke her up.. Daddy has the final say to it, and she talked him into it. But just today. We'll see..
      I like Anthro's wide thin pants! If you were my size, you could have had mine! lol I will keep eye on those!!
      I was hoping to check out stuff that people returned in store today. Maybe tomorrow.. there will be something... lol

    2. I sure hope you do reviews on what you ordered!!

    3. i will!! i havent opened the packages yet but i think i received them today!!!

    4. i will!! i havent opened the packages yet but i think i received them today!!!